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Basic Homeowner’s Guide To Slab Leaks

Slab Leak Repair

An average San Diego home sits on a cement slab that acts as its base. Regrettably, this slab can easily play as host for some severe issues, including plumbing leaks that allow water to build up in or under them. A slab leak can help your house feel uncomfortably humid and may cause significant structural damage.

Since you cannot afford to let a failed or undiagnosed slab leak wreck your home, you will benefit tremendously from a simple knowledge of this problem and its potential answers. Have a look at this introductory homeowner’s guideline about them.

So Why Slab Leaks Happen

A home’s plumbing pipes expand both through the wall and under the ground. Leaks in these pipes may appear at any place in the plumbing system, including the difficult-to-access area.

Slab leaks might occur for a number of reasons. In nearly all instances, copper or galvanized metal pipes have worn out because of age and corrosion. Underground pipes might face an increased threat of early wear because of the extra tensions and pressures they need to endure, like the growth and contraction of encompassing soil.

Corrosion might occur quicker if your slab pipes hold abnormally alkaline or acidic water. These extremes could cause chemical reactions that harm metal pipes, not merely underground, but during your plumbing system.

Slab pipes likewise degrade credited to abrasion. Pipes have a tendency to move, particularly when warm water goes through them and causes them to expand. Once the pipes rub against other undercover materials and constructions, they can lean out and develop bad spots.

When To Guess A Slab Leak

Slab leaks can certainly prove hard to note, but close watching may possibly reveal certain telltale hints of this existence. Moisture in the house should alert you to a potential plumbing issue or a slab leak: wet carpeting, moist floorboards, and unusual mold development.

Your ears could also warn you of the slab leak. If you hear a faint sound of running water whose source you cannot determine, you might have found out an underground plumbing problem. Other changes to consider include increased water bills (without a corresponding upsurge in water utilization) and low water pressure.

How Slab Leak Repipe Experts San Diego Fix Slab Leaks

Experienced slab leak repipe experts in San Diego with the right tools must locate even probably the most elusive slab leaks. In the least complicated cases, a particular part of dampness might point right to the leak’s location. If required, San Diego plumber may use sonar, infrared, or helium leak detection devices to pinpoint unseen leaks.

A leaky pipe beneath a cement slab may need the plumber to dig the ground (using a jackhammer) to acquire access to the pipe involved. Another alternative is always to cap the leaking range and run a fresh test through the attic and wall with PEX tube. It frequently makes more sense to displace parts of ageing, corroded pipes than patching them. The substitutes might help ensure a long time of trouble-free service.

Your original slab pipe design could have contributed to your present problem. A slab pipe routed close to abrasive buildings or through unpredictable floors may possibly face vulnerability to leakages. If this is actually the case, a slab leak repair San Diego company or team can eliminate this problem by just rerouting the new slab piping.

Preventing Future Slab Leaks

You cannot be in charge of every possible element in slab leak creation, such as ground shifting that affects your foundation and the pipes beneath it. However, you may take certain steps to lessen the chance of future leakages.

Gauge the pH level of your home water occasionally, utilizing a home screening kit. If you get yourself a pH reading less than seven or more than eight, you may want to install a water softener or other helpful device. Blue or reddish discoloration on your plumbing fittings may also alert you to a pH discrepancy.

Has water pressure been examined in your home? In case your pressure has broken, consider using a pressure minimizing valve installed on your home. This will protect both your home appliances and pipes for spikes in pressure.

If you think that it is likely you have a slab leak, act instantly to get the issue corrected. Contact a slab leak repair San Diego company immediately to have the assistance you will need from experienced technicians.

Slab Leak Repair The Correct Way

If you believe you have a leak, call us, and we will help. We shall stop by and execute a simple visible inspection of the leak. Always check your water meter and perform a short pressure test of your house at no cost. If you have a leak, then we can our slab leak detection San Diego team will help to pinpoint the leak source or sources. The purpose of our leak identification service is to find both ends of the situation so that the best repair option could be chosen. Here are our four basic choices a slab leak repair San Diego specialist offers:

Direct Access

This is actually the insurance provider term for jackhammering up the ground to produce a spot repair on the leaking line. We do not encourage this repair in case it is quite disruptive and temporary. In such cases, we would rather recommend you a solution that will not involve disrupting kitchens or bathrooms or living rooms. Additionally, a direct access pipe repair could trigger a lot of trouble if the leak is below a wall or long term plumbing systems and fixtures.

Pipe Reroute

That is the industry standard for fixing a slab leak, and the perfect solution is broadly speaking identified by the insurance firms. With this system, the disruption to interior areas may be considered on much longer lines. We utilize this option only when the leaking range is short or unable to be fixed with an epoxy repair option. If this is necessary, we provide for drywall repair in our service.

Epoxy Repair

Our slab leak repair San Diego teams have eliminated a huge selection of slab leaks with this epoxy pipe repair process utilizing simply two access factors for the repair. This solution can save you thousands over the original repair options for slab leaks and contains a 10-year guarantee!


Under no circumstances ever want a slab or pinhole leak again? Want a few reroutes? A new water system utilizing may be the response to your issues. We take advantage of the recent system for fixtures. This guarantees an issue free system with years of warranty from the maker for the fitted system.

Why Choose EZ Plumbing?

We always offer free quotations and a warranty for our services. We likewise have the knowledge, and equipment to execute leak detection assessments and repairs. Have a look at our guide about how to discover a reliable plumbing company to assist you to solve your dilemmas without resulting in any issues any more.

Our slab leak detection San Diego specialists have needed parts stocked in the cars and constantly clear up when done. The team of our slab leak repipe experts in San Diego have even a cleanliness guarantee. While we fix your leak, we take special solutions to reduce just how much we affect you as well as your property.

Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.