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What Are the Consequences of Improper Water Heater Installations?

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Installing a water heater is the most major step because it ensures a steady water flow inside your home. But unfortunately, so many homeowners are stuck in a problem by purchasing the wrong hot water. An improper water heater installation in Orange County also causes so many consequences that you can’t solve at all. For this, you need help from an expert plumber.

Buying the right water heater and installing it in the right way needs knowledge and expertise. A small error in installation can turn out to be a huge loss for you. Therefore, if you don’t want to experience high energy bills and water heater damage, you need to hire expert water heater installation services.

So, here in this article, we will share the most common errors that an individual may experience by installing it themselves. If you are also on the list of homeowners who thought it was a DIY job, you are wrong; before digging your money and making a hole in your pocket, check this article till the end. So, let’s start with the warning signs to replace a water heater.

Is There Any Sign That Says To Replace A Heater?

If you have already purchased a water heater in your home and are facing constant issues, it means you need a change. Determining the time to reinstall a water heater is difficult, but yes, some signs tell you the right time to do this. Here are some of the common water heater replacement and new installation signs:

  • Suppose your water heater has constantly been running for more than years. If yes, it needs a change; otherwise, it causes high energy bills.
  • In case the water heater tank has some damages and leaks.
  • If the water heater produces bad quality contaminated water
  • If the water smells bad and also taste bad
  • In case you are struggling with the issues in the flow of hot water and experiencing awkward sounds.

If any of the warning signs you are facing with your water heater, you need a change. This is the right time to dial a call to professional water heater installation services. Keeping a faulty water heater at your home may cause risk to your family, so replace and install a fresh one as soon as possible.

But the question is can you install the new water heater by yourself? Well, a lot of homeowners do this to save some penny that causes risks in the future. To learn about those consequences, move to the next section!

What Common Consequences May You Face If You Install It By Yourself?

If you decide to install a heater by yourself, you need to become more knowledgeable and innovative. If you are a newbie and trying to install this just by showing a YouTube video, you are making a huge mistake, and soon you need help from the water heater services. Here are the consequences you will face after the installation:

Size Matters A Lot

Are you ready to install the new water heater? If you don’t want to repair your old water heater and replace it with a new one, size matters a lot. Finding the right side of the water heater is tough, and that’s why a water heater repairer will help you find the right size. A small size water heater can cause issues in running and accessing water.

The Right Place To Install

When it comes to installation, most homeowners install the water heater in the wrong place. There are certain places where you shouldn’t install this. Unfortunately, you can’t learn about those prohibited areas through YouTube or other resources. Therefore, you should hire water heater installation services.

Difficult To Reach

When you install a water heater improperly, you can’t reach it for repair. While building a home, you should consider a certain place in your bathroom and kitchen to install the water heater. When you install it in the wrong direction and at a height that is hard to reach, then the repairers will not reach you.

Installing Heater Without A Permit

In most cities, an inspection is performed regarding the installation of the water heater. The plumbers visit your place to ensure the safety of the people who are living in the building. But unfortunately, most people don’t have any idea about this, and they skip this step.

This is an essential step that you should know. To save the cost of receiving the permit, you can harm your entire family. So, now there is no need to fear the increasing property tax and hire the water heater installation services. They will schedule and permit the license easily.

Not Purged

When you install a water heater by yourself, the air may not be purged from the tank, which can damage your water heater’s quality. It causes issues in the flow of water and also lowers the expectancy of the water filter. So, therefore it is necessary to hose a drain to the outside. If the vacuum inside the tank does not work properly, it will not drain and cause many consequences.

No Drain

Every water heater available in the market has a corrosion-resistant drain. These drains are small in size, up to 1.5-2.5 inches. The pan must have a drain line so that it can run the water to the outside or a drain. When a beginner purchases and installs a new water heater, they don’t have any idea about this, and as a result, they hire experienced water heater services.

Gas And Electric Shutoffs Should Be High

If you heat the empty tank, it can damage the water heater and create a risk on your family too. To avoid the risk of damage or overheating, you need to keep the position of the electric and gas shutoffs visible. In this way, you can control the water heater’s damage and lower down the cost of future consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to hire a water heater installation professional in Orange County to install it precisely at your home.

TRP Valve

When the pressure of water is extended to more than 210 degrees, the temperature and the pressure relief valve also increase the pressure. It can damage the valve if it is not moving out through the discharge tube. It can only be done by expert water heater services.

Poor Soldering

You don’t have upgraded knowledge when you want to install the hot water for the first time. As a result, you always choose the old traditional idea for soldering.

There are so many techniques and advanced features that are required to learn to install a water heater. You should use the pipe cutter for this. You need to seal it in the right way; otherwise, it may leak and need to be resolved by spending a lot of money on water heater installation services.

Choice Of Materials

Along with the other above-discussed consequences, the choice of materials also matters. A bad choice of material will not only damage the heater but also damage your property. There are different kinds of materials used in this installation procedure, which protects the quality, so anyone who is not aware of these plumbing techniques needs to hire them.

Mixing Metals

When you make an improper connection to the water heater, it may touch the different metals and create corrosion. To save from this, it will be better to hire repair experts instead of doing it alone.

Unsecured Lines

If it is not installed in the right direction, it also impacts the unsecured gas and power supply lines. The water heater should be properly vented; otherwise, it produces harmful consequences. In these cases, the water heater works tough and leads to problems that can’t be resolved without hiring an expert.

Water Temperature Issue

In case you forget any step during the water heater installation, it also causes an issue in temperature. To keep your water heater efficient and long-lasting, you need to take care of that properly. For the proper care, you need to hire an expert who ensures the condition of the heater.


A loose connection and worn connection can create leakage. The water leaks because of multiple cases that range from the faulty temperature to the stuck valve, improper water pressure, overheating issues. To keep yourself away from these, you need to check every connection after installation. If you are unable to do so, hire a professional water heater service provider.

Discoloration Of Water And Odd Noise

Change in the color of water and rustiness can cause corrosion inside the tank. Along with that, if it is loose-fitted or has any issues inside, then it sounds odd. Lots of sediments stuck inside the tank also create sounds. Therefore, no matter how much it charges, hiring a top-notch water heater service provider will help you.

Why Should You Hire Water Heater Services?

If you also want to save from all the above-discussed consequences, you need to hire a water heater service. The water heater repairs will come to your space by bringing all the necessary equipment and installing this in the right place.

They will equip your home with the perfect water heater. As you know, the demand for hot water is increasing every day, especially in the winters. By considering this demand, a lot of homeowners are looking forward to installing it in their homes. But before installing, you should search for the right repairer who can install this in the right way.

As a first-time buyer, you may face so many difficulties in purchasing the right water heater. Therefore, you need help from the repairers who are licensed and fully trained. They will save you from the wrong decisions that you may take due to a lack of information.

If you want to be worth every penny, you should hire experts who have at least years of experience in this industry. In order to maintain efficiency and long-lasting performance, you should call them once you notice any warning signs. In this way, you can make your life easier in the coming winter.

What Will The Water Heater Repair Experts Do For You?

So many homeowners attempt to save money by installing the water heater by them. Well, some people win this task, but most of them end up with a serious problem. Therefore, it is necessary to understand why water heater repairs need to be installed and what they can do for you.

The right water heater repairer will help you pick the right size of selection and correct the fittings. They will also install the shut-off valves correctly, which is not possible for you. After installing all the pipes and connections, they will check one more time. They can fix things before they end up like a big mess.

By following their tips, you can also improve the life expectancy of the water heater. It is always necessary to consider the needs of your family before purchasing. When you have an expert like them, you will end up making the right investment.

Before hiring any water heater services for installation, you need to ask them a few questions. You should check their background as well as ask some questions like what type of fuel the water heater needs, which water heater will be best for you, and which size you should choose. With their help, everyone can understand the efficiency rate and where to install it.

Final words

Hiring a water heater repair technician is the best decision you should take in your life. The need for water heaters is increasing due to winters, and if you are looking to buy one, you may need them too. If anyone plans to install it in your home, you can book the professional water heater installation service in Orange County by calling us.

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