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Are you looking for plumber Costa Mesa? EZ Plumbing is a family-owned and operated business firm offering plumbing repairs, maintenance and installation services for entire residential or commercial plumbing needs.

Plumbing problems arise anytime unexpectedly and often demand for urgent repair services. Our Costa Mesa plumbers are trained to solve any kind of complex repair job very efficiently. We are always ready to attend to any of your plumbing service requirement through our 24-hour service facility.

Our team at EZ focuses on delivering 100% client’s satisfaction. Integrity and commitment to accurate and efficient services form part of our values. Contact our Costa Mesa plumber for any plumbing repair and restoration requirements near you.

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Services You can Totally Trust EZ

24 Hour Emergency Plumber Costa Mesa, CA

Pipe repair services

We not only conduct spot pipe repairs but also help in replacing damaged pipes and pipe fixtures. For damaged pipes, we have various solutions from pipe coatings to repiping. Repiping includes the procedure of rehabilitation of older sections and replacing them with new stronger pipes such as hard copper, PEX pipes, etc. If you have any damaged lead pipes, we also help with immediate replacement. EZ’s Costa Mesa plumber is certified and experienced in carrying out fast, secure and efficient pipe installation and replacement. We use only certified products, backed up with warranties.

Drain cleaning services

Drain clogging is a very common plumbing issue. There are various reasons for drain clogging such as grease, dirt or hair. Sometimes you might find some serious clogging issues too. EZ Costa Mesa plumber is always there to help you. Call our experts, who will clean the drainage with the right products that will not damage your pipe quality, and are also environment-friendly. We also have hydro jetting services for removing drain line blockages.

Water leak detection services

Leaks and pipe bursts have often caused a lot of damage to a building. Getting a plumbing inspection or a leak detection done helps prevent serious pipe damages and frequent leak issues. EZ’s plumber Costa Mesa provide leak detection services for entire residential and commercial plumbing systems. These include all kinds of plumbing pipes as well as various water heating and supply systems. Getting a scheduled leak detection service is also a good preventive maintenance strategy.

Kitchen and bathroom plumbing services

If you find any leak or damage in a faucet, sink, hot water dispenser, water filtration unit, garbage disposal unit or any other bathroom and kitchen plumbing system, you get immediately help when you call EZ Costa Mesa emergency plumber service. Our experts are capable of resolving issues speedily and in delivering durable solutions, instead of a temporary short-term fix. Our plumbers offer repair, maintenance and replacement solutions, as fits your requirements.

EZ offers

24 Hour Plumbing Services Near Me

EZ assures the best quality services for all plumbing needs. We pride in the quality of our service delivery and our fast response abilities.

We provide services for both commercial and residential plumbing near you. This includes repair and installation services for water tanks, slab leak repair, water heaters, water pressure regulators and backflow preventers. We install, repair or service the circulating pumps. There are some cases where plumbing systems are not taken care of properly. In such cases, we change the necessary parts. Video inspection techniques help to pinpoint the exact location of the issues and for perfect repairs.

We also deliver a full suite of bathroom and toilet installation and repair services for all sizes of residential as well as commercial jobs. We repair and install garbage disposal units, faucets, showers, bathtubs, toilets and bidets, etc.

If there is any kind of plumbing service need, EZ’s Costa Mesa plumber teams are sure to fulfill the requirements.

Why Choose Us?

The EZ plumber Costa Mesa offers emergency services as well as same day services, As we are a 24/7 plumbing service team in Costa Mesa, you can schedule a plumbing job any time that fits your calendar.

Our Costa Mesa plumber offer guaranteed services. We are committed to offering you 100% satisfaction. A well-trained team of professionals, our plumbers are courteous and take note of your concerns to offer complete solutions and on time. Contact us to benefit from affordable and high quality plumbing services near you.

Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.