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Why Early Detection Is Essential To Guard Your Home From Slab Leaks?

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Underlying reasons for slab leaks could linger for months or even years before manifesting themselves. Therefore, behind every slab leak, there are many missed opportunities for early detection. Early detection can protect your property in many ways, but more importantly, it also saves your money. Esteemed slab leak repair service providers in San Diego, such as EZ Plumbing USA, recommend yearly inspection for possible slab leaks.

Experts recommend that a thorough inspection should take place every 12 months. Depending on property location and type, this range will fluctuate. However, commercial properties are required more frequent maintenance than residential properties. However, we always advise looking for possible symptoms as early detection of almost all plumbing problems is infinitely better. Here are the ways how early detection of slab leaks can protect your home.

Benefits Of Early Detection Of Slab Leaks

Increases Safety

Slab leak problems can occur in silence until it becomes big enough. One of the massive aspects of slab leaks is they possess threats from multiple fronts. Early detection of a slab leak can save you from accidents. Since it is a problem in pipes, a big enough slab leak could mean flooding the entire property. Flood damage is complex to deal with. You have to pump the water out, sanitize the property, check for structural damage, etc. You can avoid such problems by detecting the slab leak as early as possible. If you find puddles of water on your floor without any reason, give us a call for slab leak detection.

Reduce Structural Damage

A slab leak can damage the structural elements of your property. When the leak is closer to a pillar or a wall, it can lead to risky water damage. However, if the slab leak is near a wooden wall or attic, it can really damage your indoors very quickly. If you do not treat promptly, the element can start to disintegrate. Then it is not only an aesthetic problem but also a life hazard. Depending on your structure, the chances of damage will vary. This is why it is crucial for the sake of your property to detect slab leak problems early.

Ward Of Mold Problem

Mold growth takes place because of slab leaks. As it can grow anywhere with enough moisture, slab leak gives away more than enough moisture. Mold problems are very notorious. It can multiply virtually overnight and start damaging other elements of your property. Early detection can easily save you from these problems. By detecting it early, you will also have to put in minimal effort. If the mold problem is really minute, only mix ethanol or hydrogen peroxide with water and spray on a mold for some days. You can also remove the mold by hand and then spray the solution. If you do not want to use ethanol, you can make use of vinegar as well.

Decreases Water Bills

Slab leaks mean that water is being wasted constantly, thus the high water bill. It is one of the main symptoms of a slab leak. If you detect the slab leak problem and repair it, you will notice the difference in water bills yourself. It is estimated that early detection can save up to 25% of water bills.

Maintain Property Value

Slab leaks can create conditions where your property starts to look old and ugly, thus decreasing its property value. If you do not repair slab leaks beforehand, it can permanently devalue your property. A devalued property means a lower mortgage and less money when you sell it. You can avoid all of these by detecting the slab leak at the earliest.

In order to detect a slab leak, you can follow some signs such as:

  • The noise of running water
  • Mold growth
  • Puddles of water on the floor
  • Starting of water damage
  • Increased water bills

If these symptoms are present, you may want to contact a professional slab leak detection team. Professional teams have adequate equipment to accurately detect slab leaks. Once you have found out the problem and the area, you can then proceed with the professional slab leak repair process in San Diego.

Professional Ways To Deal With Slab Leak Problems

There are several ways you can deal with slab leak problems. They are:

Re-routing: Experts will create a new route for water supply. So, the leaking pipeline is abandoned entirely. It is a non-invasive method, and it is often desirable solution if possible. Mostly, they will cease the underground line and create a new line through the ceiling.

Re-piping: This is the method where experts will remove a faulty pipe. They will install a new pipeline instead. It is very desirable for the property with limited space. However, the method might include some breaking of slabs. But it is often minimal.

Trenching: Experts will dig a trench to access the faulty pipe. This method will not harm your indoor following even a bit. It is a little time-consuming but worth it if you have expensive floors.

On-spot Repair: This is the most straightforward method of repair. You locate the leaked pipe area, break the slabs to access it and repair the leak. This is the most invasive, but in the end, it is sometimes necessary when other options are not possible.

It is almost always better to detect a slab leak earlier than later. Because slab leak has a leak in your pipe and is unattended, the problem can get worse very soon. An important point to remember is that there are many methods for detecting a slab leak. Always make sure that the company you are hiring use multiple up-to-date methods and sophisticated technologies. As soon as you notice some symptoms of slab leaks, such as earthy or musty smell, mold growth or damp floors, you should call an emergency detection service to avoid further damage.

EZ Plumbing USA has a dedicated slab leak repair team in San Diego. If you have the slightest doubt about slab leaks, you can call our emergency team for immediate early detection. If you can detect the problem as early as possible, you can also repair it with minimal hassle. We will help you get rid of the slab leak quickly, and that too with affordable prices.

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