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Global Students Scholarship Program


EZ Plumbing USA is a reputed organization and has always tried to contribute towards the economic development and education sector worldwide. Based on its similar interest, EZ Plumbing USA introduces its Global Scholarship Program. This program is an effort from the organization to lend monetary support to skilled and talented students who want to become future leaders but lack financial resources.

With the help of this scholarship, students can gain monetary support, which they can use to support the various expenditures related to their education. In addition to this, the winners of the scholarship will gain leadership development training, build networks and connections, and have interactive mentoring with the experts in the industry.


This Global Scholarship Program is open to students across the globe. It encourages students to participate so that they can earn financial support, which can help them fulfill their dream education with ease. Our scholarship offers students the chance to leadership development and skills enhancement. There is no restriction on subject selection and students from all parts of the world who are enrolled in a two-year or full-time course can apply for it.

Winners of the scholarship will gain numerous benefits like the development of critical thinking abilities, interactive sessions with their mentors, and knowledge gained in their preferred subject. With the help of knowledge and experience gained through this scholarship program, it is possible for the students to become top decision-makers, industry innovators, and future visionaries.


  • Scholarship winners will earn a monetary reward. This fixed sum can help them successfully complete their two-year education without any similar obstacles.
  • Winners will get a chance to participate in a funded seminar across the country and worldwide.
  • It is a great chance for the winners to gain knowledge and skills in their preferred field.
  • The scholarship can support students to achieve their short-term as well as long-term goals.
  • Winners will get a chance to network, attend meetings, and communicate directly with global experts.
  • Join experiential learning sessions, leadership development and networking opportunities.
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