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With the top-end benefits in plumbing services, EZ has earned the trust of numerous property owners in Orange County. In terms of quality service, prompt responsiveness, competitive value, reliability and tech-savvy solutions, you can count upon us for any plumbing service. Our adept team always endeavors to deploy state-of-the-art methods in plumbing services. EZ is one of the dependable center points of plumbing specialists offering reliable and secure solutions, including services such as the installation, repair and replacement of backflow preventers or water pressure regulators.

We respect your time and money, which is why we also provide same day service at an affordable rate while ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. Call EZ and schedule a free consultation if you require water pressure regulators or backflow preventers installed at your home or office. We are always available.

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If You Need Backflow Preventers

EZ plumbing services “Backflow device selection, installation, inspection-we cover every solution”


Backflow Preventer Installation

Backflow preventer is the only device that prevents your water from getting contaminated. Prevent a hazardous health situation with the assistance of EZ Plumbing Services that offer the best installation services in Orange County when it comes to Backflow Preventers. We are certified and able to tackle all of your backflow issues!


Appropriate Device Selection

A range of backflow preventers exist such as the pressure vacuum breaker (PVB), the reduced pressure zone (RPZ), and the double check assembly (DCA). Each one provides a different level of safety. Requirements also vary from residential to commercial applications. Our licensed experts suggest the suitable one for your plumbing system, following a proper analysis.


Backflow Device inspection

Our team of dedicated and committed experts will make sure your backflow preventers are operating smoothly. We also provide scheduled inspection at intervals if you require such services. Scheduled inspection of your backflow preventers or water pressure regulators ensures optimum safety from water contamination results.


Backflow Device Repair

When you call us about any issue in your backflow device, we first check out carefully if your water supply hasn’t been contaminated. If it has been already, we will fix such issues too and effectively repair the device.


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Orange County Water Pressure Regulator

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Backflow refers to the unusual flows of water in the reverse direction due to water pressure, and this could lead to pollution of water, which in turn poses a serious health risk.

High Water Pressure causes a number of other problems, including broken/burst pipes that can lead to flooding, noise of running water/running toilets, leaking sprinkler valves, damage to your appliances, etc. This not only means more trouble to health and safety, but also a lot of inconveniences affecting your routine and could also give you rising water bills.

Installing Water Pressure Regulators may prevent a multitude of such troubles, as it can control the water pressure and flow rate. Installing a water pressure regulator in a proper manner helps you avoid common plumbing issues, which can otherwise cost you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Our team of adept professionals are able to handle all your plumbing problems including Water Pressure Regulators installation, repair and replacement. We can provide you a wide selection of pressure regulators to choose from, as we have partnerships with a number of good manufacturers.

We always strive to provide you with high quality and unbeatable services at convenient prices! You can count upon EZ to satisfy all your plumbing needs!

Water Pressure Regulator

Orange County Valves And Shut Offs

Services in Orange County

Every year, Orange County experiences a great number of earthquakes, which often leads to plumbing issues such as cracked water pipes. EZ offers specialised Valves And Shut Offs services that can control such issues. These shut-off valves will instantly turn off the water supply when a seismic activity or tremor is detected. Such valves are complex and require certified installation and annual checks. EZ’s professionals are licensed and experienced in providing Valves And Shut Offs installation and maintenance services in Orange County.

Water backflow devices/water pressure regulators/shut-off valves installation is simple if it is done by certified professionals and can be completed in a single day. Such valves should be inspected every 1–2 years. You may rely on EZ to offer you the most reliable, secure and competent solutions at affordable rates. Call us anytime to know more. We provide free consultation and estimates, and are available 24/7.


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