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Top Reasons For Moldy Smell In Your House

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Are you disappointed by the moldy and musty odor in your home? Multiple factors cause musty odors in your space, no matter how old it is. These odors are a little distinctive and may come from your basement, laundry, spoiled foods, kitchen, etc. Well, a little investigation can keep you safe from these scenarios. Early detection will help you to prevent the further growth of mold. Currently, you can find multiple companies of slab leak repair in Orange County who come to rescue you from the worst condition.

We know most of you have browsed the top reasons for moldy smell and how to recover from it. But have you ever got that satisfactory answer you are looking for? Don’t worry this time; we have come up with the most used professional methods of removing moldy smells and the possible reason behind this.

Causes Of Moldy Smells In Your Home

If you have ever smelled a musty smell, you always look for the source from where it produces. The mold spores are everywhere, but they will multiply and lead to extreme problems when they meet with food and moisture. If you detect the mold area is larger than expected, you need professional help. But if the area is small, you can take a few steps to recover from this. However, during the whole process, make sure you should take proper precautions. Wear protective kits to stay away from the lungs and infections. Here are a few sources explaining the mold smell and slab leak.

Leaky Pipe:

The biggest reason behind the moldy smell is the leakage in the pipe. Damaged roofs, excessive water damage, and areas where humidity is high are the top sources that produce moldy smells. The moisture can lead to the growth of mold, which is easily visible on the walls. When these are not treated timely, the smell can spread all over the home and make your carpet and upholstery smell. So, hire professionals in Orange County instantly for accurate slab leak detection.

HVAC System:

Have you remembered the last time when you cleaned your ducts? The uncleaned HVAC system also creates dusty, grime, and moldy smell. As a result, the air it releases smells musty and spreads bad air quality.

Spills And Stains:

The spills which are not cleaned properly can turn into the stains over time and smells like hell. These smells can stay longer on your carpet. Therefore, for the good airflow and fresh air, all you need is to hire the experts from time to time and give a quick touchup to your home’s plumbing system.

Is Mold Growth Dangerous?

No doubt, mold exposure due to a water leak in a slab floor is dangerous for your health. Some people have low immunity power and are more sensitive to mold than others. Especially people going through asthma, lung, and heart issues can easily be grabbed by these. It can also cause respiratory problems and symptoms like cough, sneeze, itchiness, fever, and a stuffy nose. When left untreated for a longer time, it can also cause structural damage, and sometimes it can cause nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, and all.

If you don’t have any plans to go through this scenario, it’s time to take a sneak peek at those areas has higher chances of mold. Until you never find the source, you can not prevent this. If you are a novice and doing it for the first time, we share a few tips on where you should start slab leak detection.

Detection Of Mold – From Where You Should Start?

Are you planning to detect mold in your residential locations? You should begin your search in the often moist and warm areas. You can start the process of detection from the bathroom. Check the areas in your bathroom where chances of mold are high, for example, growth in the shower and leakage around the tubs and sinks.

Next, you can go to your kitchen and check the humid water leak on the slab floor and foundation. Start searching for the leakage like dishwasher and sink. The mildew can also produce under the disposable trash bag. So, keep your eyes there also and get possible solutions.

Next, go to your living areas and bedroom and check the window seals. Also, check for the leakage in the pots of house plants. If you keep your damp shoes or clothes in your closet, keep them out quickly.

Once you cover all these areas, take note of the below checklist:

  1. Don’t forget to sneak peek at the basement areas and garage.
  2. Check the vents, water heaters, and windows or washing machines in the laundry room.
  3. Make sure the HVAC system of your space is cleaned properly and produces good air quality.

After detecting the right source, make every possible effort to clean them. If you have mold in multiple areas, try to remove them with the help of slab leak repair experts in Orange County.

How To Remove Mold Smell From Your Home?

It sounds so funny how mold can affect your overall health and the condition of your home. But you can’t feel the necessity until you have gone through this! Let’s take some basic tips to get over this situation.

Find The Source:

In the initial stage, you should start by finding the right source of the smell. The most concerning reason for a musty smell is the presence of mold. An organic compound found in the mold produces a smell and spreads it. Here are the most used locations where mold occurs!


The bathroom is your home’s moist and humid area, right? The most used places where the chance of mold is high are tiles, under the sink, on the walls, around the toilet, etc. If you recently went through a water damage situation, the chances will be higher.


There are multiple spaces in your kitchen where mold can happen. The most common areas are underneath the sink, inside the oven, back of the refrigerator, and around the trash bag. Check the darkest areas because usually, mold produces in those areas.


Yes, it sounds abnormal because the bedroom does not seem like a great place for mold. But still, you can check on your mattress, bedroom windows and windowsills, and under the potted plants to identify the potential water leaks.

Living Room:

The living room is another area where you should look for mold production. The most common areas are furniture, a fireplace, a living room, and furniture. This is one of the cushy places in your home, and that’s why mold can happen.


This is the area where we don’t spend most of our time. These areas are mostly dark and warm, and what more does mold need for growth? Check the areas like insulation around the water heater, vents, and laundry room. Apart from these, take a quick look behind the storage areas and areas where traffic is low.

Fix Water Leakage:

Do you have a water leak in the slab floor and foundation of your home? If you can not locate the water leakage, you can hire the top plumbers. As per the experts, mold can grow in places where moisture is high, so it requires you to look at your home’s pipes or plumbing system. Once you detect the source, you can determine whether it requires repair or replacement.

Clean The Mold Area:

After detection and taking suggestions from the experts, it’s time to clean those areas with the natural mildew treatment. You can also go for a deep cleaning method. Some experts use bleach to kill all the molds and grime, but this method doesn’t work. If you use this way, make sure you have proper kits and an adequate level of ventilation. You can also try the most natural cleaning method, and all you need is white vinegar and a spray bottle. So, fill white vinegar in a spray bottle and let it for some time. Now take an abrasive sponge, deep it into the baking soda and hot water mixture, and then sprinkle the solution on the mold and scrub it. But what if the mold is spread to a large space? In that scenario, hire the experts for water damage repair and restoration in Orange County.

Get Some Fresh Air Flow:

Once you get rid of the mold, you need to make your space more ventilated. Unclose all the windows, and turn on the fan and AC. The more air movement in your space, the better you will feel. With proper ventilation, you can eliminate all the smells left inside. You can also try an odor absorber.

So, are you ready to remove the mold? Before starting the slab leak repair in Orange County, ensure you have protective gear like rubber gloves, goggles, and a mask.


Even after following all these steps, if you still feel stinky smells in the areas you live in, call an expert and ask them to use the advanced techniques of removing mold. If you have recently gone through water damage and a flood-like situation in your home, then It’s time to become more conscious about it. This article has mentioned the factors that drive the mold and why getting over it! If you suspect any of the symptoms of a slab leak, you can make call EZ Plumbing USA for instant slab leak repair services in Orange County.

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