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EZ Plumbing USA has been at the top of our customers’ choice for our commitment to quality work, respect and priority to customer needs, on time completion of projects. We give importance to your work as much as you give. Our technicians take all the jobs seriously and endeavor to provide the best from them. Our unparalleled customer service have made us one of the most trustworthy and reliable plumbing service providers for slab leak repair in Riverside.

All our contractors are well-trained and background-checked. We provide a wide array of services related to slab leak repair in Riverside. From emergency support to free consultancy regarding all plumbing services, we do everything to ensure customer satisfaction. We also offer quick estimates of proposed slab leak detection and repair work for free. Delivering solutions using the latest cutting-edge plumbing tools, we strive to go a long way to be your lifelong partner for plumbing services.

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Durable Service

Durable Service

When it comes to foundation leak repair or repiping, property value and your satisfaction are highly important to us. Our professionals use the best equipment to ensure flawless solutions. Rest easy for slab leaks after you contact EZ Plumbing USA.


Slab Excavation

Slab excavation requires expertise, experience, and attention to detail as it relates to large structures. Our professionals combine their adeptness at using advanced techniques and tools with their experience in solving slab leak issues.


Trenchless sewer line repair

It involves repairing a sewer line without digging a large trench. We use the latest equipment for treating underground sewer pipe issues with a minimum mess. Our experts combine good conventional methods and cutting-edge technology to provide the best solutions.


Installing fixtures/pipe coatings

Our experts will inspect the slab leak repiping and installation requirements that best suit your interests. We handle everything from pipe material and size to pipe coatings. We offer the right fit pipes and durable solutions.

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Slab Leak Detection in Riverside


Slab leak actually occurs in the pipes beneath the slab and remain undetected till it gets worse because pipes in the walls, under the sink, crawl spaces, etc. are not inspected from time to time.

If you want to check out slab leak signs, some of them include sound of water flow noises near the walls; cracks or stains or dampness on walls or floors; presence of moisture on the floors, foul smell and bugs near the sewer area.

If you notice an unaccounted for increase in your water meters, you could check out for the signs of slab leak or call an expert. For example, you could shut all water supply connections or not use water for a couple of hours and see if your water meter is still indicating water usage. Don’t hesitate to call EZ Plumbing USA if you find any problems. We recommend slab leak inspection at fixed intervals to ensure that you never face unexpected slab leak problems that could demand a very expensive repair job. Prevent late detection of slab leak problems that could also damage main areas of your property. Call us for scheduled slab leak repair in Riverside.

We use non-intrusive techniques to assure you the most efficient services without any need for digging up floors or walls. Call EZ Plumbing USA for Slab Leak Detection services.

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    Pipes under the slabs rust over time. This rust could lead to cracks in pipes and affect your water supply, causing the water to have a brown or reddish tinge to it. Doing basic repair jobs for temporary solutions could actually be more expensive. Go for repiping if a replacement of your underground pipes are a near future probability. This will prevent frequent worries from leaky basement, flooring and walls from affecting your routine life. Call EZ Plumbing USA. Our top plumber in Riverside know how to carry out a non-invasive approach. Slab repiping becomes easier, quicker and less messier when our plumbers answer your call. Our teams is licensed and insured and provide you 100% satisfaction with our repiping in Riverside.

    Our services will exceed your expectations. From beginning to the end of the project, you will find uncompromising sincerity. Whether you require slab leak repair in Riverside, our team of professional experts will be by your side anytime you need them. Before a leak causes a detrimental effect to your property, have the property inspected. Call us anytime. We are available 24/7.

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