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EZ Plumbing USA offers top quality drain replacement and installation services for both residential and commercial property owners of California, from small drain replacements to whole house remodels. It is vital that you get a professional plumber such as EZ Plumbing USA, who has sound knowledge on your water usage levels, local codes and the ideal drains that suit your needs, as drains are a crucial part of your property and overall health. Don’t take chances by hiring “quick fix” plumbers. Contact EZ Plumbing USA, we’ll install your new drain.

At EZ Plumbing USA, we are committed to making your lives easier by offering stress free, long lasting drain installation and replacement services with durable results. With our well trained and experienced technicians and access to modern tools and technology, we can guarantee with confidence that we have got the formula for one of the best drain replacement and installation services throughout California. Contact us to schedule a service appointment with the EZ Plumber nearest you. Our plumbers handle a wide range of drain installation and replacement services including, main drain lines, kitchen sink drains, shower and bathroom drains, toilet drains and underground drain pipes. Feel free to request a free estimate for your drain installation job.

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Shower Drain Replacement

Services Offered by EZ Plumbing USA

Main Drain Line Installation

Main drain pipes may appear to corrode or leak with use and over time, resulting in problems with moisture or damaged pipes. Blockages due to paper towels, toilet paper, wipes and tree roots are the main causes that drive to main drain line replacement. Pipes that run underground may wear out due to extreme temperatures, failing insulation or low quality installation. Our teams are capable of installing the whole system of main drain lines at your newly built property or replacing your existing drain pipes, even the ones that are concealed within your foundation and underground.

Shower Drain Installation

Shower drains are one of the most used drains in your home and may deteriorate in quality with time, due to the continual flow of detergent grime, hair and oil, soap and shampoo residue and toothpaste. If your shower drains are frequently getting clogged and feeling strong odors rising from the drains, it might be the time for you to replace it. Our plumbers are capable of offering fast and efficient shower drain installations and replacements without making much of a hassle. We guarantee same day service for almost every shower drain installation and replacement job we undertake.

Toilet Drain Installation

Clogged toilet drains due to disposing of tissues and other non-biodegradable materials, are some of the common reasons causing you to replace your toilet drains. If it is your new property that is under construction, our teams can install a brand new toilet drain line system. If you want to replace your existing toilet drains, we can replace the entire pipeline from your toilet to the main sewer line, by redoing the pipes from one of our top quality toilet drain pipes. We are highly skilled and experienced at conducting “no-dig” toilet drain replacements.

Kitchen Sink Installation

Kitchen sink drains may degrade in quality over time due to the continual flow of food wastage, greasy material, oil and food particles, dust and grime and soap and sludge. If you are experiencing a slow drain with strange smells and strong odors rising from the drains, we can get rid of this problem by replacing your kitchen sink drains. Our teams will inspect the entire drain line connecting your sink up to the main drain line and replace everything fast and efficient. If you want to install a brand new kitchen sink drainage system to a newly built property, we can help with that as well.

EZ Plumbing USA

Drainage Pipe Installation

Learn why customers love us and why they continually choose EZ Plumbing USA drain installation and replacements services over other drainage services providers in California. We are the No. 1 choice of most residential and commercial property owners throughout California when it comes to drainage repair, replacement and installation services, as they trust we will always offer superior and reliable services at affordable prices rates.

Quality and Affordability – We can proudly say that our level of service quality cannot be matched to any other drain installation and replacement service provider across California. We always make sure that you get a fair and honest price. Overcharging you with hidden costs and outrageous prices is the last thing we want to do when you trust our services over hundreds of other similar services providers around town.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – We aim to earn your trust and satisfaction through hard work and delivering exactly what you want. We get the job done the right way the first time and we don’t leave until you are completely happy and get the best of what you expected from us. That is the EZ Plumbing USA guarantee. We offer same day service and upfront pricing for your convenience.

Professional Expertise – EZ Plumbing USA has been trusted by over hundreds of residential and commercial customers throughout California and due to the expertise of our professionals. Our teams are good at listening to your questions and concerns delivering optimized solutions to satisfy all of your requirements. Our technicians have undergone extensive and advanced training to offer you top quality and superior services.

EZ Plumbing USA
Drain Pipe

Down with aged leaky drain pipes? Contact EZ Plumbing USA. Our qualified workers are specialists in the installation of drain pipes and our services are assured to be done right at all times.

We have been in operation for over a decade and you can rely on us to send a skilled and certified plumber to your home for timely, expert services anytime you need one, seven days a week! Our teams at EZ Plumbing USA are dedicated to getting rid of all your property drainage problems in California by offering top-notch drain installation and replacement services at fair and affordable price rates.

Count on EZ Plumbing USA to experience prompt and effective professional services in drain installation and replacement throughout California.

When the time arrives for you to replace your home’s broken drain pipes or even want to update by adding a whole new drainage system, you won’t need to go any further than our experts at EZ Plumbing USA.

Contact us and get in touch with one of our customer care assistants to find out more about how we can proceed with your drain installation. Feel free to request a free of charge, no-obligation estimate for your job.

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