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Leak Detection Services

A very common problem that people face is water leakage through rooftops or water proof structures. Flat roofs in particular have leaks mostly owing to the fact that during construction they are used for various staging works during constructions. There are certain testing methods and quality control.

These standard methods consist of construction observation, flood testing and a few non-destructive tests. Electronic impedance testing, infrared thermal testing and nuclear testing are some of the non-destructive tests. EZ plumbing is certified to carry out electronic leak detection.

Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) is a non-destructive test that can help identify water leaking points & trapped water regions in a roof structure. At EZ plumbing, we use bristles that are electronically charged. Problem areas can be identified this way without disturbing the construction structure.

EZ exploits these technologies to non-intrusively pinpoint the leaks. Our methods are environment friendly and clearly identify the areas that need remedial work.

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Standard Leak Detection Services

EZ plumbing provides the best quality standard leak detection services available. There are the following standard leak detection methods that we provide:

Flood Testing

The most common integrity testing method is the flood testing. It is the least complex and generally essential of testing techniques accessible. A top to bottom information and comprehension of auxiliary frameworks and their protected burden conveying limit is basic preceding considering or utilizing this strategy. This is used in water proofing applications over concrete platforms in assemblies which are of protective membrane roof type.

Spray Testing

Spray testing is the utilization of controlled water streams kept on building segments in a way that recreates ordinary to extreme climate conditions. This system uses an adjusted shower rack with explicit water weights, spouts, and separations to wet a divider with water at the pace of five gallons for every square foot every hour.

Capacitance Testing

Capacitance testing uses an electric field to decide the relative dampness substance of a layer. An electric field is made and a sensor at that point peruses the quality of the electric field when the meter is set over the layer. This testing method necessitates that the test layer be dry, the gathering be uniform in its materials and their thicknesses, and that water be in the framework to give differential readings at relative dry and wet zones.

Infrared Thermography

Infrared thermography is an interpretive testing strategy that depends on the rule that wet and dry structure segments have contrasting paces of warmth increase and maintenance. Similarly as with the capacitance meter, an IR output will layout territories of wet protection that could be because of build up or issues other than a rooftop film rupture.

Advantage of ELD over Standard methods

The upsides of ELD testing looked at with standard flood testing of layers applied legitimately to the structure are:

ELD pinpoints the area of breaks when contrasted with plotting what’s more, chasing for ruptures in flood testing. With rooftop redesigns, Electronic Leak Detection doesn’t hazard causing interior harm from two inches or a greater amount of water on the rooftop.

ELD will find breaks where flood tests won’t uncover spills. These are the sort of ruptures that present issues years after the fact. ELD doesn’t chance harm to seepage frameworks when the channels are unplugged.

Much less water is required for testing. With high-voltage tests, fixes can be finished right away. ELD can exactly pinpoint the leaks. The amount of moisture needed to enter the assembly is much less to obtain a reading than to identify a breach. Testing can be completed sooner, with less sustained damage.

Apart from the above Electronic Leak Detection can also help identify punctures because of latches utilized by various other exchanges – Punctures or parts because of materials dropped on the film; Damage because of cuts or tears from development traffic; Membrane consumes because of welding; Damages because of cuts or tears brought about by hauling hardware over the rooftop; Pinholes in the film as a consequence of dampness in the deck; and Incomplete lap welds.

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We at EZ plumbing have a large in house expert workforce who have been trained to the highest standards in health and safety and installation of waterproofing systems.

We are a company that supports our clients with large scale roofing projects and SLA levels supports utilising our own fleet. Our team of roofing surveyors who can complete in depth roofing surveys using the latest diagnostic technology.

We provide the best quality services at a very affordable price. With EZ plumbing, it is a value for money deal always! Apart from detection, we can support with a variety of problems related to leakages.

Our team would love to provide you a free survey and ensure that you are getting the most out of your leak repair solutions. Our experienced surveyors will let you know if there is any problem with your structure and also provide you with a solution and a quote for free!

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