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Plumbing inspection services are essential if you wish to avoid plumbing emergencies. Regular plumbing inspection helps you keep track of the condition of your plumbing system so that minor issues can be identified and resolved before they turn into a major complication. EZ’s residential plumbing inspection San Diego are extremely affordable and comprehensive. We can not only provide a thorough assessment of the condition of your plumbing system but also identify the exact location of a suspected leak or clog.

If you suspect a slab leak or a leak in your sewer lines, there is no need for any guesswork to determine the location and magnitude of the leak. EZ’s experts use sophisticated equipment to detect the leak in very little time. Our leak detection services are available 24X7 throughout the year.

EZ’s whole house plumbing inspection services include a detailed examination of various plumbing fixtures, drainage lines, and supply lines. We also conduct water pressure tests, check whether your plumbing system is watertight, detect clogs and leaks, and much more.If you live in California, call us now and we shall ensure that you do not face any plumbing emergencies anytime soon.

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Sewer Camera Inspection

Regular sewer camera inspections can avoid sewage backups and slow drains. EZ’s sewer camera inspection services can detect even minor leaks and clogs. We use the latest waterproof and flexible plumbing video cameras that can provide high-resolution video footage.

Slab Leak Inspection

If your water bills are high or floors are usually damp, then you might be experiencing a slab leak. EZ’s slab leak inspection can detect slab leaks with perfection, such as video pipe inspection and electronic leak detection with rerouting, repiping to fix slab leaks.

Bathroom Inspection

We also provide comprehensive bathroom inspection services. Our skilled and experienced technicians will check the water pressure in your bathroom. We check for leaks in faucets and sinks. If any clogs or leaks are detected, we can repair them immediately.

Backflow Preventer Inspection

Backflow is a plumbing issue because it involves the mixing of usable water with non-potable water. We hire certified backflow inspectors who can determine the pressure. If your risk is significant, we can install double-check valves to prevent any backflow.

Why are EZ’s

Plumbing Inspection Services in San Diego, CA

the Best For You?

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Identifying the cause of any plumbing issue is an exceedingly difficult task. EZ’s licensed, bonded and insured plumbing inspection experts can make things easier for you by inspecting and diagnosing any defects in your plumbing system quickly and effectively. We are aware that a detailed inspection of your residential plumbing system is essential to avoid unexpected plumbing emergencies which can hurt you financially and lead to the wastage of time and resources.

That is why we conduct a comprehensive inspection of your pipes, drains, plumbing fixtures, and toilets. After we have carried out our inspection and subsequent repairs, you can be assured that you won’t have to look for a plumber in the middle of the night to deal with a plumbing emergency. Our sewer camera inspections and backflow inspections can also help you avoid a major health crisis due to sewage backup or contamination of your potable water supply with non-potable water.

EZ Plumbing USA has always stressed the importance of perfect communication between the experts and the customers. Following the plumbing inspection and diagnosis, our experts will discuss with you the detailed results of the inspection process. They can also give you valuable advice on the plumbing repairs and upgrades that can help you avert major plumbing issues in the future. Our experts are extremely courteous and you can ask them any questions related to the service without any hesitation. If you face any major issue after we have carried out inspection and repairs, we shall return the entire amount that you paid us for our work. So, call EZ Plumbing USA anytime and experience our 100% guaranteed services.

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    What had made EZ One of the Best

    Plumbing Inspection Companies in California?

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    EZ’s sophisticated plumbing inspection methods and tools have set it apart from most other plumbing service providers in the region. We make the best use of technology to obtain high-resolution videos of the pipelines that are concealed within the walls or underneath the flooring of your property.

    Our high-tech cameras can easily travel through bends in your pipelines and sewer lines to transmit high-quality images to our technicians. We provide services that are 100% transparent. All our services including our plumbing inspection in San Diego are fairly priced with no hidden charges.

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    EZ’s emphasis on communication with our customers also makes its services quite special. We share all the results of our plumbing inspection and diagnosis with our customers. We can also save these results for your future reference. Our dedication to our customers is evident in the positive customer reviews that we have received. We know that your time is valuable.

    So we respond to your plumbing emergencies within 60 minutes. Our services are available 24X7 and we offer special discount packages for select groups of customers. Call us now and save your plumbing system from major damage.

    Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.