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Among the best practices to perform in your business is camera inspection, and our technicians are well versed in using high definition cameras to locate any blockage in your plumbing system.

You will enjoy multiple benefits after incorporating the technology into your work and enjoy the many advantages that come along when you use our sewer camera inspection San Diego.

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Sewer Camera Inspection Services

Team Working Process

To inspect sewer lines and other pipes, we use high-end waterproof cameras. It enables us to inspect it challenging to reach pipes and figure out the problems.

It is easier and more efficient compared to older methods, which necessitated digging into the ground to the foundations of the home to get to where the blockage in the pipe was located.

By the sound of that, it is clear it was a complicated and time taking process. Now we only need to insert a camera in the pipe or drain opening, run it down the pipe and find out the root of the problem.

By using a rod that is flexible enough, we place the high-resolution video camera securely on the rod before sticking it into the pipe. The rod is convenient to use because it is small and can fit in a pipe of 2 inches in diameter.

A flexible rod can move freely through any plumbing system at different angles. We view the footage on a monitor, and it is very clear because a high-resolution camera is used. We save images that guide us when the cleaning of the pipes commences.

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Multiple clogs

It is an indication that something is wrong with the drainage system when you discover various drains are not working correctly. Expert plumbers use cameras to locate the areas where clogs are disturbing the draining process.


Slow Drainage System

Sewer camera inspection in San Diego can help rectify a slow drainage system. It occurs when the water from your sink or washroom is flowing at a slower rate than usual. To avoid further issues and damages, it’s essential to fix them instantly.


Older Pipes

Using a sewer camera, our team will help you inspect whether the drainage is old and needs replacement or not. Old pipes can cause issues with the draining system. A sewer camera detects all the problems at once, and you can correct them together.


Aging Pipes

Camera inspection technology allows our specialists to determine the current status of your installation system. If the pipe is old and starts to deteriorate, the system may crack. Running an overlay service helps us avoid this serious problem.

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    Why Choose EZ Plumbing USA

    Sewer Camera Inspection Services in San Diego, CA?

    The camera helps the plumber to be more accurate as to where the blockage in the drainage is located as opposed to making a guess. Using a camera makes it easy to find the blockage, saves time, and is more productive. You can correct all underlying issues that were not so obvious ones the drainage system is under the scrutiny of the sewer camera. Apart from saving time when using the EZ sewer camera inspection San Diego service, you also save money. After the camera reveals the issue accurately, then it can be fixed permanently. You will not have to perform recurring repair because of a misdiagnosis from the plumber. The plumber can formulate solutions to the problem when they can see it.

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