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Research shows that more than 6,300 gallons of water are wasted in an average household every year. Water wastage does not only impact your wallet but has an even greater impact on the environment. At EZ Plumbing USA, we help home and business property owners throughout California, to reduce their water wastage and to improve the water conservation within their properties. We install water conservation systems, devices, and plumbing fixtures, that help you to save both water and money. Contact us to find more details about our water conservation San Diego and how we can help to reduce the water wastage at your home.

At EZ Plumbing USA, we understand the challenges you face in managing and preserving water as home and business owners. That is why our professionals are dedicated to offering water conservation San Diego systems that help to reduce the water wastage at your properties.

Drain Installation and Replacement

Our teams will visit your residential property and carry out a thorough inspection to identify the ways and devices that can help you improve water conservation San Diego. Based on the inspection, we will recommend the right water conservation devices, suiting to your needs as well as your budget. Contact EZ Plumbing USA and let our teams help you to reduce the water wastage at your property.

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Smart Water Meters for Showers

Whether you are a day dreamer or a shower singer, you will be in control of the amount of water you use when showering, with our self monitoring smart water meter for showers. This handy water meter comes in between the shower hose and the handheld shower hose head to display the water consumption of every shower you take, in real time. This enables you to track your water usage and take action to reduce it. This device can help you bring down the water wastage of your home, as showers are considered to be one of the biggest consumers of water in a home.

Indoor Water Conservation Devices

We offer a wide range of indoor water conservation devices and plumbing fixtures that can reduce the water wastage at your home. Some of these devices include low flow high-efficiency faucet aerators, low flow water efficient showerheads, automatic shut-off valves, shower times, dual flush toilet converters, tank bags, and grey water diverters. Most of these devices are being installed within your bathroom and some in your kitchen and in any other place where water is being used. These water conservation San Diego can help you reduce your water usage dramatically.

Outdoor Water Conservation Devices

If you are a property owner with a lawn or an outdoor garden and want it to be vibrant and lush at all times, our outdoor water conservation devices are the ideal solution for you. We have a comprehensive range of outdoor water conservation devices including soaker hoses, rainwater tanks, and rainfall shut-off devices, that can help you to manage your garden and landscaping watering in a much better way. Installation of these water conservation devices could cut down your outdoor water usage by up to 50%.

Installation of Water Leak Detectors

Are you one of those property owners flushing money down the drain with leaky plumbing fixtures at your property? Our teams at EZ Plumbing USA offer installation services for a wide range of water leak detectors including water sensors, smart water leak detection kits, smart home water monitoring systems, and wifi water leak sensors. These devices will immediately warn you if there’s a water leak within one of your pipelines or plumbing fixtures. Our teams will inspect your property and determine the right places to install these devices to get the best results.

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Water Conservation Systems

At EZ Plumbing USA, we offer the services of the specialists in water conservation San Diego. Our team is extensively trained and certified professionals, who have experience in installing and implementing a wide range of water conservation systems, devices and plumbing fixtures at homes. We are committed to reducing water wastage and improving water conservation at the properties of our customers throughout California and in the surrounding communities. Contact EZ Plumbing USA today!

Our Proven Success – We have been serving customers in California for over a decade. Our clients have been continually turning to us, as they have no doubt that we will offer top quality and effective water conservation San Diego systems and devices that offer them impressive, long lasting results for their investment. We are proud to say that EZ Plumbing USA is the No .1 choice of most property owners when it comes to water conservation systems and devices.

Professional Expertise – EZ Plumbing USA has been trusted by over hundreds of residential customers throughout California and due to the expertise of our professionals. Our teams are good at listening to your questions and concerns delivering optimized solutions to satisfy all of your requirements. Our technicians have undergone extensive and advanced training to offer you top quality and superior services.

Water Conservation

Fair and Honest Pricing – We are 100% transparent and straightforward in our communication and pricing to ensure that you are getting a fair and honest price. We always try our best to offer you the lowest price possible but never compromising on the quality of our work and the devices we recommend you. Call us to request a free quote for your property.

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We understand how important water is to your daily life, from bathing, cooking to cleaning and we are committed to conserving this precious resource and preserving the natural watersheds of California. Our customers are our No. 1 priority and we will never rest until we can make a positive change in their water usage.

Our teams have undergone advanced and extensive training and we strictly follow regulations that are set by local authorities in setting up water conservation San Diego systems at your properties. Water is an integral part of your life, and we take pride in taking care of it.

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At EZ Plumbing USA, our teams are dedicated to improving the water conservation, by designing and implementing innovative water conservation solutions for homes throughout California. Through hard work, trust and quality workmanship, EZ Plumbing USA is proud to be one of the best water conservation San Diego.

The expertise of our professionals and the extensive knowledge of water conservation devices and systems have provided us a solid foundation that continues to keep us at the top of the industry and throughout California.

Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.