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7 Steps To Prevent The Spread Of Water Damage

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Are you experiencing water damage within your home in Los Angeles? You must probably be looking for water damage restoration in Los Angeles, as the effects of water damage are truly frustrating. Not only it is an eye-opening experience, but it also can be daunting as the building materials soak in the water.

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However, water damage is more disastrous when left unchecked, as even a slow leak tends to rot out the drywall. So if you want to prevent water damage, the best way is to stop leaks before that first drop of water.

Also, if you lack the knowledge, you can seek the advice of professionals of a water damage repair company in Los Angeles. Be it a flood, leak, or any water disaster, you can rely on them, and you will get guaranteed work every time.

How To Prevent The Spread Of Water Damage

Water damage can cause structural damage to your house, causing foundation and financial problems. So to alleviate health hazards caused by water damage, it is vital to prevent the spread of water damage as early as possible.

However, if you feel difficult or uncomfortable in undertaking water damage prevention, you must call professionals who are experts in the field of water damage restoration in Los Angeles.

So how do you prevent water damage? Read out the measures useful for when you head start the restoration process to lessen the likelihood of water damage in your home. Here are some tips to follow while you perform water damage restoration in Los Angeles.

4 Steps to Prevent Water Damage in your home

1. Check Your Appliances Regularly

The very first thing to do to prevent water damage in Los Angeles is to check appliances daily. Also, it is vital to often replace and upgrade your hoses, such as washing machine hoses.

However, if you don’t know from where to start, you make a difference by having such inspecting ideas :

  • Refrigerator – Does your refrigerator have a water dispenser or ice maker? So in order to make sure there are no leaks, ensure double checking the water line hoses in between the wall and your refrigerator.
  • Water heater – Another appliance to inspect is the water heater. Make sure to stay up to date with any slow leaks, rust, water pooling, or corroded areas.
  • AC Unit – Another great source for water damage in Los Angeles can be your Air conditioners. So keep in mind to maintain your AC unit for signs of any water damage or leaks.

While water damage is a serious problem, the positive aspect is that most home insurance covers policies for Water Damage in Los Angeles.

2. Shut Off Your Water Main While Away

Another great tip to prevent the spread of water damage is to shut off your water main while away, especially when you leave the house for an extended period or on vacation. This is because a small leak that is left unnoticed can lead to colossal damage.

So to prevent accidents from any unwanted water flow, the only great option is to turn off your water main. However, in case of a flood emergency, one must know the location of water shutoff valves.

For instance, look for hot water shutoff on your water heater, the whole-house water shutoff, inline shutoff valves to sinks and toilets, and valves leading to clothes washer and dishwasher. However, also make sure that the valves are working properly.

3. Install Leak Detectors

Are you willing to hire experts for water damage restoration in Los Angeles? One other solution could be to install leak detectors at different points in your household.

However, if you lack knowledge about leak detectors, you must know about electronic devices that detect flooding or water leak and set off an alarm when triggered.

There are different leak detectors such as spot detectors and area detectors, active and passive flood alarms, and also come with features such as phone alerts, temperature sensors, and many more.

So, where can you install these leak detectors?

You can install it in places like near the AC Unit, basement, attic, water heater closet, laundry room, washing machine, near water pipes, or any other area of the house where you suspect water damage. Therefore, early detection can save the damage done to the home.

4. Monitor Your Water Bill

Another useful step to save your money from investing in water damage repair is to monitor your water bill. So all you need to do is keep yourself updated with your water bill regularly and keep an estimate of the water used monthly.

It is an essential measure because in case your usage exceeds from one month to the next, you may have a suspicious water leak. It is also vital to understand the causes of the spike in water bills.

For distance, an unusually high water bill may be due to a dripping faucet, watering the lawn, a leaking toilet, water-cooler, and many more. However, if you are unaware, you can surely seek help from a professional company that is an expert in water damage restoration in Los Angeles.

5. Keep Your Gutters Clear

If you think that the existing hidden water pipes at home only lead to water damage, then you’re wrong. This is because the gutter and downspouts are also part of the pipe systems. However, the positive aspect is that these are placed on the exterior, which makes them easy to maintain.

Look for any clogged gutters as they may cause the water to run towards your house and cause damage. So make sure you keep them clear from any items that may block the route of running water. You can also call a professional for water damage repair in Los Angeles to help you clear your drains. However, you should clear your drainage at least twice or thrice a year.

6. Remove All Personal Items

Another thing to consider to prevent the spread of water damage is by removing all personal materials that are damaged. It includes items made up of wood, wooden chairs, couches, tables, pictures, insulation, carpet, or similar things.

The sooner it is done, the less the chances are for damages. But you need to do this early because the items may have got soaked in water and left unnoticed for a long time. So, it may lead to throwing them away or cutting them out. Also, make sure to disinfect the areas of removed materials before starting with water damage repair in Los Angeles to make sure no mold spores linger.

Whether you’ve realized this lately or are physically unable to remove all the items, you can seek help of water damage restoration professionals in Los Angeles.

7. Call Trusted Water Damage Repair Professional

Lastly, it may seem easy to do water damage repair on your own, but there can be hidden issues that you may be unaware of. In such a situation, all you need to do is call a trusted water damage repair professional. EZ Plumbing USA provides one of the best services in Los Angeles. From multiple insurance claims to paperwork, you can rest assured that the work is done properly.

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Water Damage?

Basically, the time taken to get rid of water damage depends on the time it takes for affected items to dry up. So the time depends on how severe the damage is and the space you live in.

For instance, If you live in a space with a single room or two rooms, then it may take around 72 hours for drying out. And for water damage repair in Los Angeles, it will take another 1-2 weeks. However, on average, it may take around 5 days to dry for a water-damaged home.

Another fact to consider is that no matter how worse the initial damage is, you shouldn’t wait to start the water cleanup process. As you know water spreads very quickly and easily gets absorbed into floors, furniture, the walls. Thus, it causes damage to every other area in your home.

Risks Of Untreated Water Damage

Are you wondering about the risks related to untreated water damage? You must know there are several health hazards associated with this situation, such as viruses, bacteria, chemicals, fungi, and molds.

Also, it can lead to respiratory problems such as headaches, skin and eye irritation, fatigue, coughing, shortness of breath, and many more. However, the effects of water damage happen fast. This is why it’s crucial to start the process promptly.

Another immediate risk water damage can cause is to your property, family, and possessions. It can also harm the integrity of your whole home structure, including floors and walls, as all belongings get soaked in water.

Stop Dealing With Water Damage In Your Home, Call Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services

No doubt, water damage can be truly disastrous for your home. Even the smallest amount of leaking can lead to serious problems. So, if you spot any small sign of leakage or damage, do not hesitate to contact a water damage repair expert in Los Angeles.

However, if you want to get your life back to normal, EZ Plumbing USA is an ideal choice. You can also request a quote and get a free estimate for your service.

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