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water leaking into basement
Can Slab Leak Detection Help You To Avoid More Problems In Your Home?
Do you know the worst things that could ever happen at your home? Have you ever gone through the flood-like solution? For most homeowners, the plumbing issue doesn’t make sense to them because of their lack of knowledge. But, here in this article, we have talked about how important Slab […]
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Expert removing and cleaning mold
Top Reasons For Moldy Smell In Your House
Are you disappointed by the moldy and musty odor in your home? Multiple factors cause musty odors in your space, no matter how old it is. These odors are a little distinctive and may come from your basement, laundry, spoiled foods, kitchen, etc. Well, a little investigation can keep you […]
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slab leak repair
How Long Does It Take To Repair a Slab Leak?
A leaky pipe can turn to be a headache, but there’s often an inexpensive, quick fix for this household plumbing problem. In particular, a slab leak can be a nightmare for a homeowner– and slab leak repair in San Diego is best left to the experts. While one can search […]
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slab leak detection
When Is The Perfect Time To Request Slab Leak Detection?
Any household can experience one or more leaks at a point in time. These things are quite natural and require only a small repair or maintenance to get the job done right. However, slab leaks are a different issue that you cannot keep unnoticed in any situation whatsoever. This is [...]
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Slab Leak
Easy Steps To Find a Slab Leak Under the Foundation
Every single drop of clean water is valuable. Regrettably, 30-50% of water is lost through aging facilities. And lost water equals lost income to water service providers. Water is lost through leaks and cracks in water lines and their fit­tings. Since most facilities are underground, it really is practically impossible [...]
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Slab Leak Detection
Important Tips To Identify Early Slab Leak Detection
A slab leak is an industry term for a leak within the piping system under a concrete floor. Slab leaks are a concern in homes and structures of all ages. A water leak under the ground can simply develop into an expensive and inconvenient practice. The faster a leak is [...]
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Slab Leaks
Excellent Tips for Preventing Slab Leaks
Slab leaks are headaches for numerous homeowners in Orange County and plumbing experts alike. The best way is to avoid it before it commences - using caution and professional help. Slab leaks could also lead to costly repairs to the property at times, depending on the extent of water damage [...]
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Slab Leak Repair
What is the Smallest Slab Leak That Can be Detected?
You can see a pipe leaking if it is above ground or not concealed behind walls and slabs. Your piping system is, however, quite complex and most of the pipelines are not visible. When you spot damp walls or flooring, the possibility of detecting the exact leak source or cause [...]
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