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Hot Water Heater Maintenance: Keep Your Home Cozy This Christmas

Winter offers extra time indoors for many homeowners to spend the holidays with friends and family so it is essential to get maintenance done by Water Heater Repair in Riverside. It also entails spending extra time in front of the TV, attending holiday gatherings, and engaging in other activities that raise the need for hot water. You can have chilly showers or run out of hot water entirely if your current water heater cannot provide enough hot water to fulfill this demand. Like many other households, yours probably isn’t considering the need for a new water heater. But rest confident that the chilly winter months will eventually sneak up on you, even if you’re feeling complacent in your life of hot showers. Your hot water heater can go down when you least expect it, leaving you with no choice but to sing the Cold Water Blues at Christmas.

Your water heater is rather old.

The Symptom: If your hot water tank is older than ten years, you should start thinking about replacing it. The likelihood of a hot water heater breaking down increases significantly with age.

The Issue: Hot water tanks should be changed after 10 years of use since that is when they begin to lose efficiency, according to several manufacturers. The necessity for repair or replacement of your hot water heater might also depend on a number of other reasons. You might need to replace your heater more frequently than every ten years if you use it often or live in a hot climate.

The Fix: After 10 years, it is preferable to have a professional evaluate your hot water tank to determine when it has to be replaced. You may wait another five years and then have it professionally inspected again if there are no issues. But if the expert finds that your hot water tank is broken, you should fix or replace your heater right away.

You Have a Water Leak in Your Hot Water Tank

The Symptom: Your hot water tank may need to be replaced if it has started to leak. If a hot water heater leak is ignored, it might have serious effects.

The Issue: A leaky hot water tank is one of the more frequent reasons for flooding and water damage in houses. That’s because they permit the water in your tank to leak out at a regular but unregulated rate.

The Fix: As soon as you notice a leak in your hot water tank, contact a plumbing expert from Water Heater Repair Riverside. Your heating system may be repaired or replaced, and they can make sure that it never floods your home again.

The water is always chilly.

The Symptom: Is your water consistently chilly, or at most lukewarm? Your holiday party might be ruined by a lack of hot water. Lukewarm or cold water is one of the first indications that your hot water heater is broken.

The Issue: If your water is consistently chilly, your hot water tank most certainly has a problem. Numerous problems, such as a rusted heating element and a broken thermostat, may be to blame for it.

The Fix: If your present hot water heater isn’t operating correctly, it’s time to acquire a new one. When the water does not reach at least 60 C (140 F) degrees, your hot water heater is likely damaged and has to be replaced. Consider refilling your water if it does not achieve 50 °C (122 °F) in at least 30 minutes.

Your hot water tank is corroded and rusted.

The Symptom: Corrosion or rust on your hot water heater is another indication that it may soon fail. This typically occurs when the calcium in the water comes into prolonged contact with your tank.

The Issue: Corroded or rusted heating components are extremely harmful since they release carbon monoxide into your home’s air supply. The term “silent killer” refers to carbon monoxide, a deadly gas that cannot be seen or smelled and may kill instantly. Carbon monoxide can result in brain damage, death, and breathing issues.

The Fix: Call an Expert for Water Heater Repair Riverside right away to have your hot water tank tested if you suspect it may be rusty or damaged. They may remove corrosion from the heating element and drain lines, ensuring that your home is protected from the dangers of carbon monoxide.

You must continue increasing the heat from your hot water heater.

The Symptom: Although you may notice that the water is growing cooler, the phenomena may also occur later in the cycle. Due to regular usage, it frequently occurs. After all, everyone in your family will want to take a shower.

The Issue: You need to either purchase a tank with a bigger capacity or one that is larger if your hot water system does not provide enough hot water for the day. The issue is exacerbated by the fact that more people stay at home during the winter, increasing the demand for hot water.

The Fix: You should probably consider getting a larger hot water heater if you have more than two family members who take daily showers. Keep in mind that how frequently a hot water tank has to be updated depends on its size.

Your Hot Water Tank Is Frozen

The Symptom: If your hot water tank doesn’t heat up, there may be an issue with the device. When you turn it on, however, if there is no hot water, there could be a plumbing issue. In either case, the issue requires immediate attention.

The Issue: If your hot water is improperly insulated, it may begin to freeze once the cold winter arrives. Leaks and severe interior damage might result from a frozen hot water tank.

The Solution: If you believe your hot water tank may be frozen, contact a qualified plumbing specialist for Water Heater Repair Riverside. They can assess whether your heater is frozen, which might result in issues with your house. If it is frozen, put the heat back on and check that everything is working properly.

Do Not Let A Hot Water Failure Ruin Your Christmas

During the holiday, emergencies frequently arise. Therefore, during this period there are many reports of overflowing sinks and clogged toilets, regardless of whether it is a blocked drain or burst pipe. However, faulty hot water heaters are one of the main issues that plumbers encounter around the holidays. Because it has the potential to ruin your Christmas totally, you should never take your hot water for granted. This is why you want to have a plumber examine your heater before the chilly winter weather arrives.

Hot water heaters have an 8–12 year lifespan. However, the effectiveness of the cleaning and upkeep will mostly determine this. The usable life of the unit might be cut in half by a filthy and badly maintained heat exchanger. Because of this, it’s essential to keep your heater in top shape. You can count on the skilled professionals for Water Heater Repair Riverside to offer you timely and effective services when it comes time to replace your hot water tank. By having a new unit installed for you, they can make sure that your home remains warm and comfortable throughout the winter. If you want an immediate replacement or need an older unit to be diagnostically evaluated, call our professionals right away.

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