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The Truth About Slab Leaks Which You Can’t Ignore

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As a homeowner, you want your property in its pristine condition. Once you notice prominent signs of slab leakage, you should not take them lightly. It’s advisable to call a professional plumber to examine the source of the leak and fix it urgently. Opt for fixing the slab leakage of your home with the most competent plumbing company like EZ Plumbing USA, and prevent future plumbing problems.

Slab leaks seem insignificant until they are detected as a source of major water damage.

People who haven’t yet experienced it assume that slab leaks are no big deal and can be dealt with without much hassle. Slab leaks, however, can cause inexpressible damage to your property. By overlooking the issue for a prolonged period, the foundation of your house can be affected. The problem is slab leaks happen under the concrete slab foundation. It’s pretty challenging to know when a leak starts.

There are numerous houses with concrete slabs in El Cajon, and every year, thousands of people demand slab leak repair in El Cajon.

The repair costs range from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars depending on the extent of water damage repair and restoration required due to slab leaks.

People usually have to dig up the basement to reach the leaking slab pipe. If it is a minor pinhole leak that has not caused water damage, it can be repaired quickly with minimal digging. In scenarios where slab leakage repair involves water damage restoration to foundation or flooring or walls and carpets, the costs rise.

There are multiple reasons behind the slab leaks. Let us understand slab leaks in detail and find out when to call for slab leak detection services in EL Cajon.

A basic understanding of slab leakage

The leakage in the underground pipe of the concrete slab of your house is called a slab leak. These pipes are usually made of copper, cast iron, or galvanized steel. These pipes can deteriorate over time.

Slab leakage occurs due to a significant crack or a few trickles in the pipes and fixtures. This leak occurs over time and cannot be immediately detected. As a result, the leakage spreads undetected.

The leakage for a prolonged period causes the growth of mold in and around your house. The prolonged leak can cause fissures in the concrete slab foundation, especially if there are frequent heavy rains and flooding in your areas, and the concrete foundation has already become vulnerable to water damage.

Common ways to detect slab leakage

You are wrong if you think slab leak repair is an easy job! The water gets bubbled up through the cracks of the concrete and then forms pools that remain unnoticed until it starts seeping into the home. With some basic knowledge, you can identify slab leakage. Let’s have a look at a few usual signs of leak detection:

  1. Higher water bill than the typical one
  2. Wet carpets or flooring
  3. Warm surfaces that you haven’t observed before
  4. The constant sound of running water, even after the water is shut off
  5. A significant drop in water pressure
  6. Mildew odor underneath the carpet
  7. Circular damp spots on the ground

Top reasons behind slab leaks

Natural calamities

Seismic tremors can result in slab leakage. Soil erosion and shifts put pressure on the pipelines, which can cause pinhole leaks.

Poor or old construction

Old homes are most likely to have slab leakage. Since the pipe gets damaged over time, leaks occur.

Improper home foundation

Frequent slab leaks could also be due to improper construction or installation work. To diagnose the underneath issue, you need the services of a slab leak specialist. The best way to deal with slab leaks caused by improper placement of pipes or installations is to replace them by hiring a professional offering slab leak repair in El Cajon.

Pipe corrosion

Living in an area with a hard water supply causes the pipelines to get damaged. As a result, severe slab leaking issues occur.


In older homes, pipes often get rubbed against the concrete foundation, increasing the risks of leaks. The pipes expand and shrink due to the pressure of water running through it, which results in increased abrasion between the concrete slab and hot water pipes.

How terrible is a slab leak for your home?

Once you have suspected that there’s a slab leak that might develop, you should quickly address it for the well-being of your home. Initially, you might not get high water bills, but many problems can arise if you don’t call a professional pipe fitter to help out from the slab leak. Avoiding the leakage problems can also pose severe health implications for your family. Find the most reliable slab leak detection services in EL Cajon and diagnose the issue quickly. The effects of severe slab leaks and water damage in EL Cajon are many.

Constructional damage

With major slab leaks, your house foundation can be weakened. With tremendous water pressure, the foundation can get shifted from its placement, thus causing crackling. In old buildings built out of concrete slabs, aging pipes are prone to leaks in multiple areas. The foundation might already have become vulnerable over time, and the prolonged occurrence of severe slab leaks could damage the concrete slab foundation.

Health problems

You might wonder about the link between the slab leaks and health issues, but there is. When water leaks remain undetected for extended periods, they will cause a dampened environment and mold buildup, gradually infecting your entire property.

Those who have already experienced the ill effects of mold growth know its effects on health. Wheezing, coughing, asthma and other respiratory tract infections become prominent in children, and a weakened respiratory system makes the body more susceptible to other diseases. Therefore, it is important to hire professional for slab leak repair and avoid these issues altogether.

Financial issues

Another possible danger with slab leakage is not getting insurance coverage for such mishaps. Most insurance companies don’t cover the water damage restoration costs. Therefore, if such severe water damage occurs at your home, you must bear the entire repair and repiping costs. To avoid such situations, schedule inspection once or twice a year from experts offering slab leak detection services in EL Cajon.

Repair costs for slab leakage

The slab leak repair cost mainly depends on the extensiveness of the damage in the plumbing system. Whether you need new pipelines or go through several repair options, there are various cost ranges for preventing your property from leak issues. Usually, the repair costs for slab leak detection vary from $2,000 to $5,000. It includes leak detection, segregation, restoration, floor drying, and patching of the damaged pipe.

The entire repair can be done within two days. The plumbers locate the slab leaks on the first day and prepare the repair and restoration process, which are carried out the next day.

Fix the slab leakage with professional assistance

Once you notice leakage in the pipes, please don’t mistake fixing it yourself. It will be most worthwhile to take help from the professional plumbers and address the issue on time.

Reroute the water pipes

To prevent potential leaks in the coming years, you can ask the professionals to redirect the pipeline surrounding the slab above ground. It can efficiently help you get rid of silent leak issues.


Through this process, plumbers identify the exact location of a slab leak. Then direct access to the leak spot is provided through minimal digging. The leaking area is repaired, and the place is restored to its original condition.


Until the slab leak of your home is not fixed, the consequences of progressive water damage increases. Don’t take this plumbing issue lightly. Call a professional offering slab leak repair.

EZ Plumbing USA is the best company offering slab leak repair in EL Cajon. They hire the best plumbers in San Diego with experience, knowledge, and a high level of expertise. They offer emergency repair services. You can find a slab leak specialist ready to serve you any time you have a problem.

Title: The Truth About Slab Leaks Which You Can’t Ignore

Description: If you notice signs of slab leakage, It’s advisable to call a professional to examine the leak and fix it urgently. In this blog we can understand slab leaks in detail and find out when to call for slab leak detection services.

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