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What to expect during an air conditioner maintenance

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Introduction: Regular maintenance of your air conditioner is very important for you to breathe fresh and cool air. It doesn’t matter if your AC is a split or window air conditioner; every appliance needs its own maintenance service. Normally, air conditioners need to be serviced annually. Proper maintenance of your appliance ensures clean and dust-free air conditioning. Moreover, professional servicing increases the efficiency of your AC and allows for more energy savings.

If your AC unit has been used for a long time, professional maintenance may help revive the condition of your unit. With a proper air conditioning repair company, they may also advise you on how to maintain the unit by yourself. If you have been repairing your unit for a long period of time, the repair company can also suggest newer and cheaper models and even help you with the air conditioning installation.

With electrical appliances, it’s always better to let a professional service handle them, as doing it by yourself can put your health and safety at risk. For a minor fixing, you sure do not want to put your family in danger, right? It’s better to let the professionals handle it when you are not properly aware of the appliance. When calling for maintenance or repair service, here are the three main procedures that they will carry on:

Examine both the indoor and outdoor parts of the appliance

When you call for regular maintenance, the first thing they will do is thoroughly inspect your appliance. They will use professional tools to open up your system and check for any parts that require servicing or cleaning.

For such kind of maintenance, there are certain things that you should also be prepared for, such as knowing your model. They might ask you questions about the type of your unit, how long you have been using it, and the warranty of your unit. This information will help in the proper servicing, as the expert may know how to inspect your unit in a better way.

Along with the actual unit of your air conditioner, they will also conduct a proper inspection of the outdoor unit. Parts of your unit, such as your air filter, require proper opening up of the appliance to check dust collection in it.

If you have been experiencing any bad or foul smell from your unit, it may be a result of bacteria inside the system. Along with the basic checkups, proper opening up of the appliance may help your professional check for mold buildup or bacterial infestation in your unit.

Moreover, the expert will also look for any safety hazards inside your system, such as loose wiring or water buildup. Electrical appliances are always prone to hazards if they are not maintained properly, and if you have less experience in electric components, a professional will check your unit suitably and help avoid any future risk. Lastly, they will check your drain pipe or the pipe that drains the condensed water to check for any blockages that might disrupt the flow.

Service and clean the whole appliance

Air conditioners gather a heavy amount of dirt because of the constant airflow in them. Your technician will check for dust collection in pipes, tubes, and air filters. If necessary, the professional will clean them properly or even replace the air filters if they have been overused.

If there has been a heavy dirt collection in the inner parts of your air conditioner, it might lower the cooling efficiency of your unit. Moreover, your electricity bills start getting higher because of this disruption. Your technician will check for such blockages or dust collection in your unit and clean them out.

The professional will also clean the outer unit, the fan blades, and the drain pipes. Sometimes the tubes connected to the drain pipe might get loose or torn and break the flow of draining out the condensed water. There can also be debris stuck between the pipes. A proper cleaning service will help you get rid of all these blockages.

Along with the outer parts of the unit, your technician will also check for the cooling, condensing, and evaporating coils inside the unit. A coolant level drops when the cooling coil becomes inefficient, and it may require proper servicing or replacement. Your technician will help and guide you through the process as per the situation’s suitability. Furthermore, to clean the whole unit, the professional might have to open the whole unit, and in that process, he will also check for any other major faults that need servicing.

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Repair any damaged parts

When cleaning your unit, the technician might come in contact with some parts or tools that may require more than just servicing. Some parts of your unit, such as the fuses, thermostat, or compressor, may not be working as smoothly as they should be. This disrupted working condition may be affecting the overall performance of your unit.

Whenever you have a professional clean-up of your unit, always ask them to fix up any small adjustments. A loose wire or an overused capacitor may require minor adjustments and fix-ups to ensure smooth functioning. Your professional should be equipped to fix all the loose parts or parts that have suffered enough wear and tear.

Sometimes, a little fix-up here and there instantly boosts up your unit and allows it to work at its maximum capacity. A professional air conditioner repair technician can even suggest better working units to apply to your appliance so that it can work at its maximum efficiency. When you let a professional handle it, they can take care of air conditioning installation and damage repairs, all on their own, without troubling you in any way.

If you have been using an air conditioner for a long time and if you have been experiencing frequent problems in the unit, a maintenance check can help you troubleshoot the problem easily. Experts with electrical appliances can easily find the source of frequently arising problems and fix them easily.

Mostly, repairs don’t take a lot of your time, plus they make your appliance become as good as new. For some homeowners, the whole unit may require a complete replacement, but some may only require proper servicing. Finding the most suitable thing to do may be hard for you, but a professional can help and guide you through the better way. Moreover, a proper maintenance service can help you get the most out of your appliance and save on costs.


An air conditioner is such a unit that requires regular maintenance and servicing. But with a quick repair service, you can ensure the better working of your unit. When working with a unit that you use daily or very often, you should always let a professional air conditioning service handle its maintenance. Never compromise on units that you use regularly, and always let professionals handle electrical appliances to avoid any injury or health risk.

Sometimes, in an emergency like extreme foul smell, water leak from the unit, or seeing sparks around the air conditioner, you should immediately call a professional service to handle the situation. Switch off the power flow to your unit, stay away from it and call help immediately. With an experienced technician, you can ensure safe servicing of your unit, and also if there has been huge damage, they can also help you with proper air conditioner installation.

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