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When Is A New Water Heater Installation Necessary?

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Water heaters are generally built to last long. Despite its longevity, you will need a new water heater installation after some time [10-12 years approximately]. If your water heater is running above its life expectancy or showing some problems (like leaks around the tank base or works erratically), you might need to replace it.

You should not delay the water heater installation in Los Angeles at all after you notice the signs of requiring a water heater replacement. Water heaters, like every other electronic appliance in your house, ask for regular maintenance, repairing, and replacement-related services.

Now, the problem is that it is difficult to anticipate the exact time of replacing the old water heater with a new water heater installation in Los Angeles.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Opting For A Water Heater Installation Services

Owning a home is not only about having the papers in hand. You have to take care of the flooring, roofing, and installation of home appliances. While setting it up, you have to make sure that it is in line with your lifestyle requirement.

You would definitely need a continuous supply of hot water for different purposes – handwashing, baths, and showers, dish-washing, or cooking. So, installing a water heater is an absolute must for every house owner.

Besides, whether it reaches the verge of its life expectancy or not, you need to take care of its annual maintenance. Sometimes, however, it won’t work despite thorough maintenance and repairing, and you need to replace the old one by availing water heater installation services available near you.

Before you finalize your decision on installing a new water heater, better have a look at the points below. You can understand what signs to look for before installing a new water heater and determine whether you are facing these problems or not!

1. The Water Heater Has Become Very Old

Even if the water heater is providing great services, it can last around 15-20 years maximum. However, the common life expectancy of a water heater is 10-12 years. Beyond this age, it is common for water heaters to cause serious troubles frequently, such as sudden leakage, high energy consumption, and others.

Your heater is among the devices at your home that consumes high energy. If this device malfunctions, there is a chance that it consumes even more energy than before. In such conditions, it is better to go for a water heater installation in Los Angeles than to bear the high electricity bills every month.

2. The Water Heater Creates Problems Despite Being Not So Old

It is really a place of confusion. Sometimes, it may happen that the water heater installed in your house is not very old. However, it creates problems. Despite having an estimated life expectancy, water heaters sometimes start malfunctioning after a few years. Reasons behind this can range from buying an inefficient product to technical disputes.

In such cases, consulting with an experienced plumber can ease the process of identifying the issues. An experienced plumber knows very well if the water heater in your house asks for water heater maintenance service or a total replacement. However, all the decisions related to it rely on the following factors.

Does The Device Meet The Requirements?

Let’s say you are facing a shortage of hot water regularly. In this case, it is a sign that you have probably not chosen a heater with the right size. That’s why most experienced professionals vouch for analyzing your needs and purposes before buying a product. Nevertheless, to get rid of such a situation, the only way is to install a new model that possesses more captaincy.

How Well Is Your Device’s Maintenance Condition?

The installation of a new device also depends on the condition of your water heater. If you are a person who understands the importance of proper maintenance, chances of new installation before the product life is over are rare.

However, if you are someone, who somehow fails to care about maintenance, we are sorry, but the chances are higher than your water heater will breathe its last before expectation.

Is the system energy-efficient?

Do you feel that the tank is hot when you touch it? If yes, it is a sign that it requires an additional exterior insulator. Otherwise, you need to avail of water heater installation services with a better-insulated system. For example- if you need around 40 gallons or less water daily, the professional plumber will advise you to use a tankless water heater system.

Hence, before deciding whether you should go for replacement or repair, you need to consider these factors.

3. Corrosion And Reddish Discoloration Problem Is Seen In The Water Heater

Suppose the water heater in your house becomes extremely old; in this case, it can create signs like corrosion. Here, you need to replace the device rather than repair it. Conversely, if you see reddish color in hot water while turning on the taps, it is the signal of rusting the heater tank. With age, minerals deposit inside the heater. However, flushing can remove all the minerals, but it cannot be properly cleaned if this water heater is used for a long time.

If the heater has a metallic and unpleasant taste or you can see rust or visible dirt, it means the water heater maintenance service cannot solve the problem. Due to this rust, severe issues such as tank failure and corrosion occur.

It is best to find a plumber, ask for help to identify the source of the problem-whether the rust is coming from the water heater itself or the pipes. The possible temporary solutions are flushing the water heater’s tank and replacing the anode rod to improve the water quality. But if a large amount of mineral deposit is found in your water heater, it is better to install a new one as the storage of the water heater has started deteriorating.

4. The Repairing Cost Is Higher Than Replacement

It is a natural thing that when the water heater in your house may ask for more money in the time of repair than replacement, it is a clear indication that you should opt for a new water heater installation in Los Angeles.

The repairing cost helps to determine which option will be a smart financial decision-repair or replacement. Suppose the plumbing technicians you hire demand an excessive repair cost; in this case, it is always a rational choice to spend a few dollars more to have a new installation. The new installation will be feasible for quality services.

5. The Device Needs Repairs Multiple Times

The devices don’t generally require repairing service more than 2 times annually. So when you notice your system needs water heater maintenance services multiple times in a year, it is a sign that the device has to be replaced by a new one.

Instead of spending excessive money quarterly and facing disturbance frequently, it is always a smart idea to install a new device. You can avail of our customized water heater installation services and replace your old device as per our professional’s opinions.

6. The Heater Is Losing The Water Volume Or Giving Lukewarm Water

If the volume of hot water becomes less, it means that you need immediate water heater installation services. You can calculate your water heater’s capacity with the assistance of the professional plumbing services.

Suppose the current water heater doesn’t meet the requirements, installing a new device will be a better choice despite repairing the existing one. Additionally, you can see that your water heater is only giving lukewarm water. Imagine that you need some hot water for some emergency reason, and the system is only giving the lukewarm water.

In this case, what will you do? However, we believe that certainly, you should not want a situation like this. However, if the problem prolongs for long, it is always a great idea to opt for a new water heater installation in Los Angeles. You may consult us to learn more.

7. The Water Heater Is Not Working Properly Or Leaking

Leaks in the water around the tank’s fixture are a negative sign, and if you see cracks or leaks around the heater, it can cause water to pool up near the base. The water heater is generally installed for offering you optimal performance and serving you in times of emergency.

However, if you find that the water heater in your house is not performing at its best or grows several leaks, please consult a professional plumber. You ask them whether it is not possible to repair, or you should opt for a water heater installation service.

Take note that you should never use a malfunctioned water heater for a long time. It can cause several issues, including bringing health hazards to your family. Be a responsible citizen and install the new water heater system if required.

8. The Water Heater Is Generating The Excessive Noise

Generally, such devices generate a little noise if they are functioning properly. But, if the heater is making excessive noises like clanking or rumbling, it indicates that there is a problem inside this system. Severe problems such as mineral buildup in the tank, failing burners can cause such noises. Moreover, the excessive noise is also a sign of malfunction.

Well, we often find that people use thermostat adjustment to fix the issues related to the water heater. However, these processes only work initially.

If you want to fix the problems precisely, it is always vital for you to consult with a professional plumber to fix all the issues related to the water heater. However, efficient plumbers with relevant experience can guide you from the beginning to the end of the new water heater installation services in Los Angeles.

9. You Have Tried Repairing Services Multiple Times

Have you tried to repair your water heater multiple times before? However, despite wasting your time and money on water heater maintenance services multiple times, you might not get the desired result. In this case, replacing an old device with an efficient and new model can solve your problem.

Technological advancements, updated standards of production, and great designs have made the newest models more customer-friendly. Additionally, you can have greater energy savings and comfort with your new device. Specifically, the new models of tankless heaters are definitely going to be a wise investment.

Final Note

We hope that you have got a basic idea about the ideal time to opt for a new water heater installation in Los Angeles. Please, keep these basic factors in mind before opting for any service. For further details on water heater maintenance services or water heater installation in Los Angeles, please feel free to call us anytime at your convenience. Our experts will respond to you even if it is midnight or public holidays.

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