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If you are looking for a background-checked, highly-trained, and experienced plumber in Yorba Linda, EZ Plumbing USA is a great choice. We provide punctual and 100% guaranteed plumbing services in Yorba Linda. Our skilled plumber in Yorba Linda CA will arrive on time, assess the severity of the plumbing issue, offer upfront pricing, and solve the issue flawlessly in the first attempt. To ensure that you have the perfect experience with us, we shall consider our job complete only when we have cleaned up your home or office space after our service to restore water damage in Yorba Linda.

Here at EZ Plumbing USA, we understand that plumbing emergencies can occur anytime without any warnings. If your toilet or kitchen sink drain overflows or suffers a backup in the middle of the night, looking for a plumber in Yorba Linda can be a frustrating experience. EZ Plumbing USA provides 24/7 emergency plumbing services to prevent irreversible damage to your property and your plumbing fixtures.

Fix pipe

Our vehicles are always stocked with essential plumbing repair equipment. EZ’s plumber in Yorba Linda CA will reach your doorstep within an hour of your emergency call to carry out prompt, effective, and long-term repairs. Call our Plumber in Yorba Linda today for more information.

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Water Heater Repair and Installation

Regardless of whether your water heater is fuelled by electricity or gas, our experts can carry out flawless water heater repairs. We replace faulty thermocouples, pilots, gas control valves, etc. We also install tankless and storage water heaters of all varieties and brands.

Gas Leak Repairs

If you suspect a gas leak in your home, call EZ Plumbing USA without any delay. We use sophisticated pressure gauges to determine if there is a gas leak in your system. Once we have pinpointed the leak, our technicians will suggest various repair options.

Video Pipe Inspections

Our leak detection experts use high-resolution video cameras to get high-quality video footage of pipe interiors. We detect hidden leaks and potential leak opportunities. The video footage can also provide vital detail about the quality of plumbing fixtures.

Drain Cleaning

A backed-up sewer drain can cause irreversible damage to your property and also result in unsanitary conditions. We offer quick and effective drain cleaning services. We use drain snakes and sophisticated hydro jetting equipment for drain cleaning.

Our Emergency Plumbing Service

Can Provide Slab Leak Repair, Toilet Repair, and Sink Installations

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Ceiling leak repair

Slab Leak Repair

For slab leak repair in Yorba Linda, look no further than EZ Plumbing USA. We use sophisticated leak detection equipment such as acoustic listeners, leak noise correlators, electronic leak detectors, and thermal imaging devices to accurately locate slab leaks without any excavations. Our slab leak repair experts use non-destructive slab leak repair methods such as pipe bursting, epoxy pipe-lining, and rerouting to repair slab leaks. We also provide slab leak repiping services, which are supported by easy payment options.

Toilet Repairs

A leaking toilet can lead to unnecessary wastage of water and high water bills. There are toilet leaks that are difficult to detect because water can flow from the toilet tank to the toilet bowl unnoticed. EZ’s leak detection experts can carry out the dye test to check if there are any such leaks. We also implement toilet repairs that are effective and long-lasting. Our services include upgrading and replacing toilet systems too. Get in touch with us now for on-time and efficient toilet repairs in Yorba Linda.

Sink Installations

EZ Plumbing USA specializes in bathroom and kitchen sink installations in Yorba Linda, CA. Our sink installation services are 100% guaranteed. We make perfect measurements before installing your sink and connect the water supply lines without any errors. If there is any problem with the tailpiece, P-trap, or shut-off valve of your sink, we provide effective sink repair and replacement services as well. Whether you want designer sinks that support water conservation as well or whether you need a simple but certified product, we will get it for you.

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    What Makes Our Plumbing Service
    Is Yorba Linda so Special?

    The attributes that set EZ apart from the rest of the plumbing service providers in Yorba Linda is its dedication to customer satisfaction. We hire those experts who are not only skilled but can also treat our customers with respect.

    Our experts are friendly and are always eager to answer any questions you might wish to ask us regarding our services or pricing. We are never content with stopgap repairs.

    That is why we put in extra effort to give the best solutions to your plumbing issues. The replacement parts that we provide and our repair services are of the highest quality and lead to durable solutions.

    Pipe repair
    Slab leak repair

    EZ’s plumbing services in Yorba Linda are affordable and we provide upfront pricing so that you are aware of the price of the service even before we begin our work.

    Our pricing is 100% transparent and includes no hidden charges. We also provide suggestions that can help you bring down your future expenses on plumbing repairs.

    The plumbing appliances we install have high water and fuel efficiency. Our plumber in Yorba Linda is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, so you need not worry about waiting until the morning or the next day for a plumber to attend urgent issues.

    Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.