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Your Home Is Telling You To Call A Plumber In 10 Ways


Plumbing problems can come your way at any time and at any moment. It looks like a minor issue in the initial stage, but over time, it can turn into a worse situation that costs more. So, before it costs much, let’s check the top 10 basic signs of plumbing troubles.

Maintaining the plumbing system of your property is the most significant task. The plumbing issues come uninvited but need immediate attention. Sometimes you don’t know there is a problem with your plumbing. There might be some indications that you are missing. Find out how to check your plumbing and when to call a plumber.

Sometimes, resolving a plumbing issue might take just 5 minutes, but if not treated on time, the minor issue causes bigger problems. If you don’t want to worsen the plumbing issues, you should call a 24-hour plumber in Orange County or an emergency plumber to get services within an hour.

The 24-hour plumbers at EZ Plumbing USA are ready to assist you anytime you call them – day or night. You can book an emergency plumber service request even in the late evening if you are faced with a burst pipe or malfunctioning water heater.

Let us look at the various signs that might indicate you need a plumbing inspection done.

Signs That Ask You To Make A Call To A Plumber

No matter how careful you are, pipes and fixtures have malfunctioned over the years. Let’s look at the warning signs that signal when to call a plumber.

Slow Drainage

These are the primary signs that show somewhere in your property that there is a plumbing issue. Sometimes it is because of the clog that needs to be cleared. But what if you notice the slow drainage issues in more than one area? It signifies an issue in the main sewer line. To quickly solve the plumbing issue, hire a 24-hour plumber in Orange County. You will be able to book same-day or emergency services to get rid of the problem.

Clogged Toilet

Do you notice that the toilet is still running long after you have flushed the toilet? People often neglect to repair the issue. If the toilet is occasionally clogged, it’s normal, but if the situation is happening regularly, you have to get your drainage system checked.

Blocked & Noisy Sink

What is the most common household plumbing problem? Most emergency plumbers point out that the most common household plumbing problems include clogged sinks, dripping faucets, and bathroom plumbing issues. When the drain is clogged, and your sink makes noise, you need to ask for help from a professional for drain repair in Orange County. If your sink is overflowing, shut off the water supply and find an emergency plumber.

Bad Odors

Do you sense bad odors inside the house? Does this smell come from near the sink or any other drain line? Bad odors from drain lines indicate a plumbing problem. Sometimes the food particles left in the kitchen sink are also stuck in the pipe and decomposing, making the water stagnant and smelly. Bad odors can also occur when the water is not draining properly or when the sewage gas is coming back into your home.

Slow Water Pressure

Are you noticing a change in the water pressure system of your home? If you have been going through this problem for a long time, it means there is an issue in your plumbing system.

It might be because of the issues in your hot water system, water main line issues, or drain lines. To find out the root cause and the solution, you need to ask for help from a professional plumbing service company.

Mold On Walls

If you see brown patches or mold signs on your walls and ceilings, there is a huge possibility of a water leak somewhere. Get an emergency plumber to come and conduct a mold inspection. You not only need to address the plumbing issue that is causing dampness on walls and mold growth, but you need to remove mold effectively through a certified mold removal and remediation team.

Noise From Pipes

Have you noticed any sound from the plumbing system, such as the sound banging or rattling? Find out from which part of the plumbing the noise is coming louder. It might happen due to various reasons. It is better to fix the issue quickly by calling a 24-hour plumber service company in Orange County.

Peeling Paint On The Wall

One of the key reasons why paint starts peeling off is the presence of water or excessive moisture. There might be a water leak from somewhere in the ceiling or the roof.

Discolored Water

If the water flowing through the pipe looks discolored, you need to call a 24-hour plumber. The yellow and brown water flowing from the faucet could be caused by rusting in old damaged pipes. The water coming from the rusty and corroded pipes should not be used. It can damage your health and make you ill.

High Water Bills

Do you feel your water bill is too high despite normal water consumption? An unexpected rise in the water bill usually indicates a pipe leak. It is better to inspect your water meter. Compared with old bills. If you suspect a leak, get a water leak detection done to quickly fix the issue and prevent water wastage.

Many plumbing issues arise behind your walls or under your home in Orange County, and that’s why you can’t see them. There are many benefits of being a plumber-service-focused homeowner instead of a DIY plumbing-focused homeowner. You can ensure better routine life experiences in the absence of plumbing problems.

In some cases, the plumbing pipes are affected, which weakens the property’s foundation. It can take a worse image of water damage and flood-like situations if not mitigated correctly. At times, such scenarios can cost you 10x more than the cost of a plumbing inspection.

What Are The 6 Types of Plumbing Pipes You Can Have In Your Home? These are: 1) PEX Pipes 2) PVC Pipes 3) Rigid Copper Pipes 4) ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) pipe 5) Galvanized Steel Pipe 6) Cast Iron Pipes.

All these pipes need different types of maintenance and care. It is better to get a timely plumbing inspection done to understand the condition of the pipes in your home. The inspection helps in identifying leak possibilities, corrosion possibilities, minor clogging, etc.

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