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What is the Best Method to Locate and Repair a Slab Leak in San Diego

Slab Leak Repair

Having a slab leak is very disturbing. Such water leaks can cost a lot if left untreated for a long time. Slab water leaks can happen to any property with a concrete slab foundation. Once you find out that there is a leak under the slabs in your house, you need a certified plumber to identify and repair the leak.

A licensed plumber offering slab leak repair services can locate any kind of a slab leak with optimum accuracy within a minimum time. Professional plumbers also provide you evidence-based reports about the size, extent and condition of the leak and the slab pipes.

Slab leaks can cause serious damage if the cause is a burst slab pipe or when a lot of water has seeped out of the leak sources. To avoid such circumstances, get in touch with licensed plumbers offering services for slab leak repair in San Diego.

What Causes Slab Water Leaks?

Slab leaks can occur due to a number of reasons. It could be ageing of the pipes under the slab or any kind of damage to piping material, or misaligned pipes. There might be multiple leak points or a single one. Your slab pipe might be in need of total repair or partial repairs.

Only trained and certified plumbers have the experience, tools and skills to accurately locate leaks and find out the cause without invasive methods. Call a professional slab leak detection team if you suspect a slab pipe leak.

Signs Of Slab Leak

There are several signs that could mean there is a slab pipe water leak. They include:

  • Dark or moist areas on the floor
  • Warm and damp spots on the floor or near walls
  • Wet spots and mold growth under the carpets
  • Sound of running water from behind walls or beneath the floor
  • Very low water pressure
  • Unexplained increase in water bill

How Slab Leaks Are Confirmed?

In the past, the only way to locate any slab leaks was to drill through the flooring and inspect the slab plumbing. This approach was time-consuming and led to an increase in repair costs. Today, water leak restoration companies use smart devices to locate slab leaks without using any invasive methods. These include electronic leak detection systems, devices that amplify the sound of running water to detect leak detection, gas tracer systems, among others.

The tools alone do not suffice. You need experienced and certified plumbers to understand and diagnose the problem and identify proper solutions.

How To Get Rid Of Slab Leaks?

If you have a leaking pipe, you will need to fix this problem. You can’t just hope it will go away. Here are some options for dealing with slab leaks:


First, you can call on an experienced plumber to remove the concrete part containing the pipe, cut the section, and replace the pipe. This is what many homeowners choose but it is not always advisable. Especially when the pipes are underneath a part of property, where digging through the concrete and disrupting everything above and beneath the flooring is not a great idea.


You can also reroute the entire waterline that has leaks. During this process, the water pipe going into your slab will be reduced and closed. Plumbing professionals will add a new pipeline that actually surrounds the cut and takes water to your home. Such a solution will eliminate the chances of a under the slab leak.


If the condition of your pipes is such that it is susceptible to frequent leaks, it is better to repipe the slab pipelines. This can be done by closing the existing pipes and a complete reroute of slab pipes above ground, or you could also repipe the underground waterline.

Luckily, professionals offering slab leak repair in San Diego can help you identify and fix slab leaks any time of the day. No matter what type of plumbing repair service you have, certified and experienced plumbers can deliver efficient services.

How Long Will It Take To Repair A Slab Leak?

When it comes to slab leak repair, leak detection and complete repair may take about a day or a week, depending on the scenarios. A direct access repair of a pinpoint leak could be done the same day too. If you need water leak restoration services as well as repiping and rerouting, this could take a longer period of time. Especially if you need to replace floors, carpets or paint.

Can Slab Leaks Be Prevented?

While many leaks cannot be prevented, a general home plumbing check can help identify slab leaks early on, before they become serious problems requiring expensive repairs. While it can be difficult to check the plumbing at the base of your home, plumbers are trained to diagnose possible leaks through techniques and tools such as video pipe inspections.

If a leak is suspected in the recording, it may be advisable to call a recovery service to look for the device stream. Homeowners are advised to order plumbing services at least three times a year.

Can I Request Repair Of Leaks While Under Insurance?

Many home insurance policies do not cover major repairs, although yours can cover some of the costs. You will have to check your specific policy to find more about that. Plumbing replacement will most likely be covered in full or in part by home insurance.

If pipes are diverted or the entire piping system needs to be replaced, you will likely have to pay all the costs yourself. However, you can try contacting your insurance company to lower the premium after the job is done. Some companies may consider doing this because there is less risk of further leakage in the future.

The Main Reason For Hiring A Professional Plumber

Licensed plumbers offer a service that is reliable and confirms with all industry standards whether it is about service delivery methods, parts and fixtures used and the process carried out for repairs. You get durable plumbing solutions, enriching your routine plumbing experience.

They do not advise temporary solutions that could lead to major plumbing expenses later on. When you hire a slab leak repair specialist, they detect hidden issues too related to your plumbing, and offer solutions that optimize plumbing efficiency.

They also have the best equipment to ensure proper water leak restoration, mold removal, decontamination and deodorization.

Bottom Line

Go for scheduled plumbing inspections, which will help you detect water leak possibilities in your home and prevent their occurrence. If you suspect a hidden water leak, call a EZ Plumbing USA right away and get the leak source checked and repaired at the earliest. An unnecessary hike in your water bill will be prevented as well as possibilities of water damage.

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