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Water leaks are a big problem of water wastage. It is important to detect leaks early enough to repair them to prevent loss of water. For the quality of slab leak repair San Diego service call EZ Plumbing USA, We specialize in detecting and repairing water leaks. We have the best water leak detection equipment and slab leak repair equipment, which is necessary to carry out accurate electronic leak detection and repair in the least time possible.

A slab leak occurs when you have a broken pipe or water leak underneath the foundation of your home. It gets worse if it is not repaired as soon as possible. There are various reasons you may experience slab leaks at your home. Some of the causes of slab leaks include cheap material, soil corrosion, old piping, hard water, and electrolysis. If there is higher water pressure than usual, there is an increased chance of having a slab leak. It is advisable to check your home water pressure after every 6 months, which will help you reduce the risk of having slab leaks. We can locate the sources of water leaks and, later on, advise our clients on the various leak repair options that can adequately help them to slab leak repair San Diego.

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While detecting slab leaks, you have to single out a broken pipe to repair or replace it. Our under slab leak repair San Diego have specialists member to use state of the art electronic and radar equipment to precisely locate the leak below a concrete slab.

After detecting the leak, they go-ahead to replace the leaking pipe with a new one. We perform two main slab leak repair San Diego procedures. The first slab leak repair option that the recommend to most people is to reroute the broken pipe.

To reroute a broken pipe means that we remove the old pipe under the slab and replace it with a new one that is flexible and through the walls and ceiling.

It is a cost-effective solution in addition to being time-saving. Another best option you can opt for is a direct access repair where you cut into the concrete to repair the pipe. We have a specialist team for both who are available 24×7.

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We not only correct your slab leak issue but also give you advice concerning your plumbing at home. We offer slab leak repair San Diego and information on the best methods you can use for maintenance and how many times you should perform maintenance checks. We also give advice on brands that you should look for and those that are on par with your needs.


Fast, Reliable And Well-timed Service

We have a team of expert under slab plumbing repair technicians who will respond to you the moment you ask for our services. They are thorough and efficient too.



We have had 18 years of experience, which has taught us how to deal with many complex Repipe San Diego issues. We believe that expertise goes a long way in ensuring the quality of work done is excellent.


Licensed, Bonded And Insured

We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company to provide quality and safe services to our client. Our job is to make your life easier and contribute to your sanitation. You can only expect exceptional service from beginning to end.

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    Since water leaks at homes, business, and other institutions are never detected quickly, it is essential to find professionals with water leak detection equipment who can help you to investigate if there are any leaks present.

    Water leaks can be less obvious, but it is easy to repair leaks as soon as they are at the early stages than having to wait for long periods. It is thus essential to find a plumbing professional endowed with the best leak detection equipment and can detect any water leaks.

    Our Repipe San Diego technicians have specialized water leak detection equipment that enables them to pinpoint the location of the leak with ease. We make repairs immediately after we detect where the leak is, and we are efficient at correcting the faults.

    The current electronic amplification equipment and electromagnetic pipeline locators lead plumbers to the area that is leaking easily as well as accurately without them having to destroy your home or any other property. Contact EZ Plumbing USA to access trained plumber in San Diego who have modern water leak detectors to make diagnoses accurately and repairs of the leakages.

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