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Slab Leak Repair Escondido

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EZ is a family-owned business that provides services for slab leak repair Escondido. We provide you experts in the field of plumbing, leak detection, repair and mold, and water remediation. Our goal is to give our customers a service that efficiently solves all their problems.

So, if you are a homeowner or an office owner and are looking for slab leak detection or slab leak repair Escondido, then you have come to the right place.

At EZ we do not only provide service regarding leak detection but once we get to know your problem we can also fix it. We provide fast, clean and precise services from licensed and insured plumbers and technicians.

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How EZ’s team helps you with

Slab Leak Detection Escondido

Leaks under the flooring or foundation slabs are generally difficult to pinpoint without the use of modern equipment such as an electronic amplifier or electromagnetic pipeline locators. In some situations, you will not be able to find leaks on your own without risking serious structural damage to the building.

We use methods such as hydrostatic testing for slab leak detection Escondido, which is not meant for the inexperienced plumbers. Even, an isolation test method is used for the slab leak repair Escondido, which is completely based on a special camera and other equipment. Our experienced professionals can detect easily where the leak exists, and also the condition of pipes, helping us know the exact cause of the leak as well.


Running sound of water

The running sound of the water is the hallmark sign of the slab leak. If you are unable to identify the sound from where it is coming, then it is necessary to call a professional and locate it as soon as possible. This indication is probably a slab leak.

Call EZ anytime, day or night, and rest assured that your problem will be taken care of speedily and expertly.


The hot spot on house flooring

This is another red flag for the slab leak detection Escondido. If you find a hot spot on any flooring of your house, then it could be an indicator of slab leakage in the line of the hot water. Sometimes, slab leaks can lead to cracks in the walls or flooring from water damage.

It is advisable to go for an inspection from professionals with experience of detecting and repairing slab leaks as well as expertise in using the right kinds of latest tools. Call EZ if you notice any sign of slab leaks, or if you want to schedule an inspection.


Mildew or Moisture

Excessive increase in mildew or moisture under the carpets is also an indicator of leaking in slab pipes. Detect the source of such issues and get the best solutions to fix them, with EZ at your service.


Cracks in the wall

The appearance of cracks in the flooring or walls could also be an indicator of leaks in slab or foundation pipes. Avoid such issues by regularly checking your water issues. Any unaccountable for rise in water meters and bills could be because of leaks.

Excessive leaks could also lead to foundation cracking or buckling. If this is the case then there will be cracks in the exterior foundation slabs.

Call EZ and be assured of the repair or repiping solutions that are durable, secure and affordable.

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Slab Leak Repipe Experts

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Few property owners have the equipment and experience in finding slab leaks. And for that matter, all plumbers do not have access to the right tools that ensure accurate slab leak detection Escondido.

Repiping is often a complex activity and requires plumbers who are knowledgeable about standards for using the right pipes or pipe coatings.

A do-it-yourself repiping work could prove disastrous at times, since underground sewer or water supply pipe bursts or cracks could lead to extensive damage to your property.

With EZ’s slab leak repair Escondido, you need never worry about inefficient handling of repiping solutions. We ensure complete solutions from leak detection to repiping with a guarantee. Our Escondido plumber gives you a free consultation and estimates for repiping.

We are just a call away if you need a slab repiping done.


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