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Catching a Leak: How to Spot Slab Leaks Early?

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Every home relies on water for various purposes. But your home is safe as long as this water is safely stored and your plumbing systems are working fine. Flooding and water leaks damage your home and belongings in many ways.

Yes, we are talking about plumbing leaks which are very common in many homes. A slab leak in Costa Mesa is among the worst leaks that can cause extensive water damage. Slab leaks can cause ample damage in a short time and are no doubt a nightmare for homeowners.

What is a slab leak?

Slab leaks occur due to leakage in water pipes under the concrete slabs of the home. As the water is leaking under the slab, it is pretty challenging to detect.

According to professionals of concrete slab leak detection in Costa Mesa, a slab leak is rare in new homes but common in older homes, especially if the slab plumbing system is getting old with time.

Common causes of a slab leak

There are a number of causes of a slab leak, and many of these causes are beyond the control of homeowners.

  • Corrosion in plumbing pipes
  • Faulty pipe installation
  • Chemical reactions between the earth and metals in the plumbing system of the home
  • Damage caused to pipes during the slab plumbing installation
  • Shifts in-ground or the foundation
  • Pipe abrasion
  • Friction from concrete or rebar

How to detect a water leak in slab plumbing?

There are many signs of a slab leak in homes.

Running water sound

Running water sounds are common in homes if someone has the habit of not closing the faucets carefully. You can always find the running faucet and shut it properly. If you are hearing the sound of running water from the walls or flooring but are unable to locate any source of running water anywhere in the house, then it could be a slab plumbing leak.

For water leak detection under slabs, call a licensed plumber in Costa Mesa with a good deal of concrete slab leak detection experience. They have the right tools to answer your question – How to detect water leak in slab plumbing?

Spike in water bills

If you notice a high water bill that you think does not justify your water usage, do not ignore this sign, as the problem must be due to a hidden water leak. You can check around the home, especially your toilet and roof plumbing. If no leak is identified, then there are chances of a slab plumbing leak.

To verify, monitor the water meter by turning off all the water taps of the home. If the water meter is running even if all water sources have been turned off, then it could be due to the water leaking from the slab plumbing.

Decrease the home water pressure

When there is a slab leak in your home due to a faulty plumbing system, it is natural that it will lower the water pressure of the home. If there is a constant low water pressure issue, you could always check for hidden leaks. If no leak is detected in the plumbing above the ground, then it has to be a leak in the slab plumbing.

How to repair a plumbing leak in slabs? Contact a certified plumber offering concrete slab leak detection services in Costa Mesa. They have the latest and advanced equipment by which they can easily find any source of water leak under slabs.

Check for patches of greener grass

Everyone loves the green and lush lawn of their home, but if you notice that one area of your yard is much greener than others, check for underground leaks. If the water leak is profuse, you can see puddles of water on the ground surface.

Warm spots on the floor

If a hot water slab pipe develops a leak, over time, the water and heat move upward and could result in warm spots on the floor. Pets could be helpful in detecting such slab leaks. Pets will make such warm spots their favorite place to rest. If your pets have chosen a new place to rest all of a sudden, check the spot for traces of warmth. If you find such spots, then it could be because your home’s hot water pipe is leaking.

Movement of the foundation

If your home slab plumbing leaks are severe and left unrepaired for a long time, then it will cause water damage to the foundation. That, along with external factors like soil movements, heavy rains, and flooding, could cause further damage resulting in cracks and a slight shift or movement of the concrete foundation.

Therefore, if you notice movement and cracks in the foundation, make sure to call a professional as soon as possible, as they know how to repair plumbing leak in the slab.

Strange odor

Is your home smelling moldy, and you are not able to find the source of the issue? Check your flooring, tiles, carpets, and wooden panels. Get mold detection done. It will help you trace the root cause, which most probably might be because of a slab leak. Mold growth is often triggered by plumbing leaks and water damage in Costa Mesa. If none of the plumbing over the ground is leaking, it has to be the slab plumbing that has caused the dampness and mold growth.

Damp carpet

Are your carpets damp, but you are unable to find any cause for the dampness? Then it could be because of a slab plumbing leak. Find out if there are stains or water damage signs on the flooring or nearby walls.

Mildew and mold

Mold and mildew grow in a place where there is excess moisture or water for a long time. As a slab leak remains unidentified, the dampness and excess moisture that remains causes mold and mildew to grow.

If you want to prevent the issue of a slab leak, make sure to take proactive steps from time to time.

How to find a slab leak and locate the exact source?

People often ask: “How to find leaking pipe in concrete floor?” There are a number of invasive and non-invasive methods to find a slab leak. A licensed plumber with a great deal of experience in concrete slab leak detection uses the best methods to quickly locate the source of a leak. They will find out if it is a pinhole leak or whether a pipe has burst under the slab. A competent plumber will offer you the right options for slab leak repair in Costa Mesa.

If you suspect or find a slab leak issue, do not panic. Call a professional plumber as soon as possible. Call a reputed, well-established company that provides plumbing services; otherwise, the money spent on repairs could go in vain.

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