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Slab Leak Repair in Irvine

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Slab leaks could be most inconvenient. They can not only elevate your water bills but can also cause mold formation within your house or office building. If you live in Irvine and notice worrying signs such as damp carpets, musty odors, warped flooring, or abnormally inflated water bills, they may be caused by a leak in a pipe underneath the concrete foundation of your building. Our slab leak detection services in Irvine, CA, is the perfect solution provider for you.

Our certified and experienced team of experts will respond to your call within an hour. We use sophisticated technology to detect any slab leak in your house or office, regardless of the size and location of the leak. Our licensed expert plumbers for slab leak repair Irvine always carry with them the necessary equipment to carry out immediate repairs at extremely affordable rates. Our slab leak repair experts always ensure that there is no damage caused to the concrete slabs of your house or office while repairing leaking pipes underneath.

We are adept at carrying out spot repairs, epoxy pipe lining and slab leak repiping according to the nature of the leak. Call EZ Plumbing USA and experience our dedicated services whenever you need our help.

Slab leak detection

Our Plumbers offer

Slab Leak Repair Services in Irvine, CA

that are Effective and Affordable

Detection of Slab Leaks

Abnormally high water bills, damp carpets, and low water pressure could be signs of an underlying slab leak. Our licensed experts for slab leak detection have electronic amplification equipment, and gas tracer systems that can accurately locate the slab leak.

Spot Repair Services

If there is one minor slab leak, our licensed plumbers can open up a small section of the flooring. We suggest this method for residential establishments or a relatively new house. This is an affordable and insured process for minor slab leaks.

Rerouting and Pipe Lining Services

When the slab leak is not too severe, our technicians will just reroute your pipeline. Rerouting is invasive and affordable too. Our technician will just cap off the faulty pipe and then insert a new pipe. We also offer epoxy lining services.

Repiping Old and Damaged Lines

If your plumbing system is worn out with age, repiping is the only solution to your persistent slab leaks. Our experts will ensure that you do not have hassles at home. Also, our repiping services aim to minimize damage and offer cost-effective solutions.


Slab Leak Detection in Irvine

EZ Plumbing USA is the Best Solution

Repairing pipes under a concrete slab

The pipes underneath the concrete slab of your home or office building can develop leaks due to corrosion, pressure on the pipelines, inefficient installation, or even natural wear and tear. Our slab leak related services in Irvine, CA, are comprehensive, affordable and prompt. We cover all aspects of slab leaks from slab leak detection to water damage restoration.

Our slab leak detection services in Irvine use the latest equipment to detect the location and the size of the leak. We also use video pipe inspection to provide a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the pipes underneath the concrete foundation of your house. Depending on the results of our assessment, our licensed experts will suggest the least invasive and most cost-effective solution to your slab leak issues.

If the issue is a pinhole leak in a single pipe, we can conduct spot repairs with a tiny hole in your concrete slab. However, if there is a more significant issue with a pipe, our experts usually opt for the trenchless re-routing methods or epoxy pipe lining methods.

Our experts are well-trained in the cured-in-place pipe lining (CIPP) method in which a durable pipe liner is pushed into your old pipe and becomes a solid coating in the interior of the pipe. If your house plumbing system is too old, we may recommend repiping. Our repiping services are 100 % guaranteed. So call EZ Plumbing USA now and get a free estimate for slab repipe services in Irvine.

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    for Slab Leak Repair in Irvine

    Sewer camera inspection Services

    When it comes to slab leak detection, repair and repipe services in Irvine, EZ Plumbing USA is the best.

    We hires licensed and experienced plumbers who specialize in slab leak detection and repair. Wherever you stay in Irvine, we are available for you around the clock.

    Our services are flawless and you won’t experience any problem in the future because of the inefficiency of our plumbers. Our repair services are prompt and aim to resolve the problem within the same day.

    Experienced plumber

    Our dedicated service sets it apart from the rest of the plumbing services in California. When you call us for slab leak repairs, you can expect us to restore water damage to your house as well. We shall also clean up the area where we have carried out repairs.

    Our experts are not only licensed and experienced, but also courteous. You can ask them any questions related to a plumbing issue and they will answer with a smile.

    We strive to reduce the expenses of our customers, and our services are provided by insured and bonded contractors.

    Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.