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9 Effective Tips for Detecting Slab Leaks

Slab Leak Detection

As a responsible homeowner, you do your very best to look for just about any maintenance trouble around your home. While a lot of maintenance problems are easy to identify with quick inspections, there are some that remain out of view. A slab leak is one of them. This sort of leak can in the course of time demand a number of repairs in the property while hiking your water bills. Nevertheless, you can prevent this once you know the indicators and find out how to solve the issue.

What Is A Slab Leak?

Modern homes have concrete slab foundations, where a layer of concrete is poured onto a ground or gravel surface. The home is then built on this slab. Any damage to the slab undermines the strength of the whole house.

A “slab leak” is what takes place whenever your plumbing system leaks under the cement slab foundation. This may result in lots of issues that are only going to worsen if the leak isn’t stopped. There are many possible factors behind slab leaks.

  • Increased pressure – Underground pipes tend to be positioned under heavy pressure that may sooner or later lead them to break up. That is a universal issue in areas with clay soils, which increase when moist and lessen when dry, resulting in the bottom under the building blocks to change and put a strain on the slab and pipes. An earthquake may also cause this issue.
  • Decay – Pipes underground come in direct connection with the ground and the metals it contains. This may lead to galvanic corrosion triggered by contact between two diverse metals. This sort of corrosion can easily eat an opening in your pipe and result in a leak.
  • Abrasion – Water surging through the pipes triggers them to vibrate. If the tube is close to a difficult surface such as concrete, rebar, or another tube as well as gravel, the metal will wear away at the point where it rubs against that hard area. In the course of time, a gap forms and the tube leaks.

Tips For Identifying and Detecting Slab Leaks

1. Puddles On Your Patio

One of the easiest methods to identify a slab leak is simply by checking your patio for puddles. If you have a cement patio in your home, notable damp spots are surely an alarm you cannot afford to disregard. In case there is a slab leak, seepage might emanate from your concrete slabs to the outdoor.

Wet places and messes ought to be an indicator of the bigger issue. Such pools may possibly, in the course of time, damage your patio, which might cost you money if not resolved in the present-day. If these kinds of signs are intermittent, it is better to contact a plumbing specialist just before it is in its final stages.

2. Be Skeptical of Water Emanating From Walls And Cabinets

Why a slab leak is hard to detect may be the proven fact why water may drain to minimal locations you will typically anticipate. Such presence of water in these not likely places. If you notice water springing from walls or under your cupboards, you might have a leak within your house.

Such leaks are normal if the water does not have an alternative draining channel. Before you take any action, it could help if you get in touch with a practised plumbing specialist to assess the scenario and provide a means forward. For such crucial matters, taking into consideration a DO-IT-YOURSELF alternative is not wise.

3. Examine Your Water Bill

Your monthly water bill may be the number one fundamental indication of a possible slab leak. To identify a water leak below concrete, you might need to think about the patterns of water usage in your home. If you notice moderate to vital discrepancies within your billing, in that case, there may be a chance that more water is often leaking somewhere.

If your standard water usage is going up significantly more than a certain period, it might be necessary to consider specific attention. Such timely operation is essential towards lowering the unfavourable impacts of the full-blown leak.

4. Focus On Hot Spots In The Ground

Slab leaks could cause hot spots on the floor of the house, particularly if the leak is often from the warm water pipes. You might opt to walk barefoot occasionally around your home to obtain the feel of a floor. If you observe that upon several events, you can find well-known cases of hot spots, then you might have a potential slab leak.

Leaks from your heated water pipes could find their way by water seeping through the building blocks. If you feel this kind of constant warmness in your floor, then it could be a red light indicating a leak. It is easier to detect warm water leaks than cool water. You might have to take timely actions if you discover such warm spots on the floor.

5. Hissing Sounds

If you focus on the movements in your own home, particularly in the quiet time of the night, you are more likely to come across hissing sounds if there is a water leak. This kind of sounds might range between sensitive to discontinuous, clear hisses. In any event, they might be a sign of a leak emanating from a leaking pipe.

This kind of water could be splashing or running out, causing such cases of hissing sounds. Such concern might be more frequent whenever the taps are switched off because of resultant pressure.

6. Low Water Pressure Can Indicate A Slab Leak

The pressure is the definite solution to evaluate your house for possible leaks. Because of the fact that you purchased your plumbing fittings not too long, you have a good idea of what is optimum pressure. Therefore, in case there are significant drops in the water pressure in the home, it is possible to have a leak.

Reduced water pressure can derive from many other factors. However, leaks will be the most typical because water no more moves solely in a single direction. You are in luck, though, since our plumbing specialists are ready to make the required maintenance in such instances.

7. Stains on flooring or walls

If the leak sources are under the walls and if the water seeps within the walls, the dampness or wetness and moisture will get absorbed in the drywall, causing a noticeable stain. When you find such stains spreading on the walls, it is a strong indication of a hidden plumbing leak, which will most probably be a slab pipe leak.

Paint or wallpapers start peeling or bubbling due to the increased moisture and dampness within the walls. While every hidden or concealed plumbing leak is not a slab leak, oftentimes the stains and dampness on walls and flaking paint would have been caused by a slab leak that has gone unnoticed for a long time.

8. Mold Growth

Excess moisture is the key reason for mold growth. That is why bathrooms, kitchens, and basements are the most likely places where mold growth is found. If there is a hidden plumbing leak, causing dampness in walls and floors or baseboards, mold infestation is highly likely. When you find mold infestation, it is highly recommended to get a professional plumbing leak inspection or slab leak inspection done.

9. Certain Signals from Water Leak Detection Device

If you have placed water leak detectors inside your home or office, then detecting a leak becomes easier. A number of water leak detection systems amplify the sound of running water and trigger an alarm whenever there is a sound of a water leak.

Repairing Slab Leaks

You will find three basic methods of coping with a slab leak. The choice that’s right for you depends upon the degree of the leak in addition to the condition of the pipe and the rest of one’s home plumbing system.

Price And Costs

The cost of slab leak repair starts with the price of detection. A slab leak repair Anaheim company will quote a repair charge based on the scope of repairs and restoration required.

Opening the building blocks and restoring the leaking pipe will cost you not too much. Nonetheless, repair costs can run up when the pipe is difficult to access and is located underneath floors with various plumbing fixtures or other fixtures. The rates for plumbing services vary depending on the kind of repairs involved. A leak in a sewer drain could cost you around twenty-five percent of the pipe.

Why Do You Need Specialist Slab Leak Detection

Even though you notice signs of a slab leak, you’ll still need to verify if you truly have a damaged undercover pipe. You don’t need to break the building blocks available to do that, though. Don’t let a local Anaheim plumber open your ground before they’ve verified the presence of a leak by other means. Call a professional slab leak detection Anaheim service provider or a team of slab leak repipe experts in Anaheim. The latter also offer accurate and evidence-based leak inspection services.

Modern tools allow accurate, nondestructive slab leak identification. Most businesses into slab leak repair in Anaheim are equipped to identify and repair slab leaks, and use sonic equipment such as floor acoustic systems. These systems detect the sound made whenever a leaky part of tube vibrates credited to water leaving it at a higher speed. They could also use sonic area systems to pinpoint nonmetal pipes and video pipe inspection gear.

Many property owners opt for yearly or six-monthly plumbing inspections, depending on the kind of plumbing systems and fixtures they have and factors such as ageing. You could call a slab leak detection Anaheim team to conduct a slab leak detection anytime you suspect a slab leak. A slab leak should always be treated by a well-experienced slab leak repair Anaheim service provider, or a team of slab leak repipe experts in Anaheim.

Call EZ Plumbing For Same Day Service

The EZ Plumbing slab leak repair Anaheim teams use a selection of solutions to repair slab leaks. Sometimes, the only real choice is creating an opening in the slab itself for a complete slab leak repair. This method is quite invasive, yet early repairs will help you stay away from the full slab leak repair. Slab repairs or replacement of faulty lines are less costly and less intrusive than complete slab fixes. Replacing the faulty line is a long-lasting solution and much more apt to be an everlasting fix than spot maintenance. Our slab leak repipe experts in Anaheim are among the best in the city.

At EZ Plumbing USA, the slab leak detection Anaheim teams or the slab leak repair Anaheim teams offer well-timed and extensive interventions for all your slab plumbing needs. If you are seeking to get rid of your old slab pipes, you can trust our slab leak repipe experts in Anaheim to do a splendid job, backed by guarantees. Our slab leak repair Anaheim teams are always on call to serve you. So if you need a home or business plumbing solutions, just contact us. We are definitely excited to bring in our knowledge.

EZ Plumbing slab leak detection Anaheim teams are professionals with expertise in using the latest leak recognition technology. You can rely on us to promptly find water leaks at your home and make repairs as required with full disclosure of costs. Fast, cost-effective and genuine plumbers – that’s EZ Plumbing.

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