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Quite merely, Hydro Jetting is an approach used to push out seriously stubborn clogs from sewer lines and drains. With a high-pressure jet or reverse-action water, we can handle hardened debris and stubborn clogs. This service is safe and effective on pipes that meet the requirements. Also, Hydro Jetting San Diego is an effective way to smoothen the interior surface of your sewer lines or pipes. This blasts away any traces of porous surfaces, thus preventing future clogs, and boosting the integrity and overall health of your pipes as well.

Often, a blocked drain can’t be cleared without using specialist equipment. If backed-up drains plague your business or home, don’t hesitate to call EZ Hydro Jetting San Diego today. We are the top Hydro Jetting San Diego company. Our highly experienced team uses high-pressure water jets to get rid of blockages and make sure that your drains flow freely and easily. And when the situation turns out to be critical, don’t worry. Our fast response emergency call out service is available 24/7.

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24 Hour Hydro Jetting San Diego

Compared to DIY drain clearing methods, jetting is a safe and more effective approach. Using a store-bought chemical drain cleaner exposes your pipes to harmful ingredients, which not only corrode the pipes but also wears them out as well. Repeated use of these chemicals fills your drains with porous surfaces, which provide a convenient breeding ground for clogs caused by things such as oil, food, hair, and grease.

Since Drain Jetting Service completely flushes out the clog from the drain and out of the system, it’s more effective. More so, it prevents recurring clogs and doesn’t fill your plumbing system with harsh chemicals.

If you’re facing blocked drain problems, don’t falter. EZ Hydro Jetting San Diego has a lasting solution to your challenges. All our vans are equipped with up-to-date technology that our highly experienced professionals are trained to handle while unblocking drains.

Also, to diagnose the root cause of the problem accurately and effectively, we use CCTV equipment. We use the most appropriate equipment to solve your problem.



Drain Jetting & Hydro Jetting Service Near Me


Drain Unblocking

EZ Hydro Jetting San Diego, we can provide seven days a week of convenient, local, fast, friendly, and efficient services for the repair and cleaning of blocked commercial sewers, toilets, showers, and more. We believe in offering the highest quality labor standards at the most competitive prices.


Drain Cleaning

We provide complete wastewater treatment services with high-pressure water jet units installed in our van. We also offer a Preventive Duct Maintenance program that ensures that ducts are always operating at optimum efficiency, reducing the risk of damage and expensive, dirty drains, and channel blocking.


Repairs and Replacement

EZ Services can repair all types of drain holes, from sinkholes that collapse due to sedimentation to leaky drain holes. Opening holes may need to be fixed because they have aged or collapsed. This can cause cracks around the maintenance hole to explode and be blocked. We can repair or replace them to make sure the room is empty properly.


Repair And Replacement of Floor Pipes

We repair and replace all types and sizes of external floor pipes for floor ventilation. Our repair services for floor pipes include repairing damaged or leaking floor pipes and removing clogs. Our floor pipe replacement service includes the removal of corroded metal floor pipes and replacing them with modern plastic.


Commercial Drainage Solutions

Financial problems can affect your business and affect your ability to work without interruption. As drainage specialists, we know how difficult it is to continue commercial operations with commercial drainage issues. We offer sustainable drainage solutions for all companies.


Industrial water treatment

Industrial water treatment allows companies to handle excess water and waste generated as a by-product of industrial processes. We have worked with many companies that assign water treatment services to ensure their manufacturing processes run smoothly. We regularly work with companies to provide services for industrial water treatment.


Tank cleaning system

Our industrial cleaning specialists are trained to improve the quality of service to our customers. We have invested heavily, like no other company in our equipment to ensure that tank cleaning results are of high quality. An integral part of our tank cleaning system is the materials and machinery we use to provide our services. We have tried many variations to find the best on the market.

Jetting Services Best

Safe & Effective Drain Cleaning


Over the years, San Diego plumbers have used cold water jetters and cable machines to unclog pipes. But over time, technology has changed, and new equipment which cleans pipes with hot water was designed. Using hot water jetters makes pipes cleaner and makes them stay clean longer compared to cold water jetters or a cable rodding machine. Also, besides being cost-effective, it makes cleaning more comfortable and much faster with less mess. The equipment used in residential and commercial lines is essential. Ideally, we only use the best equipment.

Always remember that you shouldn’t hurt the pipes. To do this effectively, specialized engineered nozzles designed to scour the inside of the pipes are used. The most effective method is the water jetting. Thus, choosing a company with the right equipment that aligns with your specific needs and provides service as well as maintenance repairs is necessary. At EZ, we offer a top-notch Hydro Jetting San Diego service for both our commercial and residential customers. If you would like more information on hot water jetting, feel free to call us, so you figure out if hot water jetting is right for you.

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