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EZ Plumbing USA is the leading plumbing company in California. We have certified plumbers to carry out every kind of plumbing repairs, irrespective of the size or scale of the jobs. Our licensed, insured and bonded contractors hire the best plumbers in your region. They are professionals who can handle any service or replacements of your super-expensive faucets, toilets, water heating systems or any kind of general plumbing fixtures. We take pride in our work ethics and our friendly and attentive service approach. Customer satisfaction is an essential part of how we design our operations and services delivery standards.

EZ Plumbing USA offers services for bathroom and toilet plumbing, which includes Toto washlet installation as well as bidet installation services. Whether your bathroom can include a full-size bidet or whether you are looking to install a Toto washlet seat to upgrade your existing toilets, Our plumbers will offer you the best installation service to include any structural or electrical services for fitting in the products. Contact us for any kind of Toto washlet services.

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Toilets and Bidets Service and Installations

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Bidets Installations

Bidets help to wrap up your business with comfort, while maintaining hygiene. They reduce toilet drain cloggings. EZ Plumbing USA offers quality bidet installations, including add-on bidets and bidet showers. Our teams can get the installations done perfectly right.

Toto washlet Installation and Services

Toto washlets are the most popular and efficient washlets. These washlets could be expensive, with life-style improving features. It might need some structural work. Trust EZ Plumbing USA with all your Toto Washlets Installations and Toto washlet Service jobs. Our services come with a guarantee.

Toto washlet removal

Whether you require to install high efficiency Toto toilet systems or want Toto washlet removal or replacement, get in touch with EZ Plumbing USA. Any errors may lead to extra repair costs , while our services result in swift and effective Toto washlet removal within a minimum time.

Toto washlet removal or replacement

Every equipment demands replacement after a certain period and the Toto washlet is no exception. But, the replacement of the washlet is not easy either. EZ Plumbing USA can help you with the washlet replacement, and the installation of a new one at a very reasonable price range.


Toto Washlet Services

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Toto washlet has a long history of more than a century. Initially, it was only available in Japan but later it earned popularity across the globe. Modern day Toto toilets are high efficiency smart toilets that offer the best-in-class comfort. The washlet is easy to flush and maintains the highest quality standard. Toto washlets include built-in cleansing technology, where a nozzle will be extended and offer warm water cleanses once you press a button.

These washlets are difficult to install and repair, owing to the complex mechanics involved in the appliance. That is the reason behind the need for expert service. EZ Plumbing USA offers all kinds of Toto Washlets Services to help you get the best of toilet systems in your home premises such as hotels. You can also ask us to modify your Toto washlets.

Our Toto Washlets Service expert will make your washlet experience even more comfortable by including heated seat, automatic flush, oscillating spray pattern, automatic lid, smoothly closing seat, and warm drier. There was a time when the bidets were only popular in Europe, but the same is not the case today.

TOTO washlet

The demand for this eco-friendly appliance is sky-high in the United States, which was not the case earlier. If you have not installed a bidet yet, and would like to opt for Bidets Installations, get in touch with us. We provide a complete range of Bidets Services.

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    EZ Plumbing USA offers residential plumbing services in California. Once we get a call for plumbing work, our technician takes the appointment from the clients and reaches at the destination indicated on time with a fully stocked truck. We are able to complete service and replacement jobs in one trip without delays, as we come fully equipped with required parts, fixtures, valves, tools, etc.

    Our service quality remains impeccable, whether it is for a bathroom or toilet remodeling or for Toto washlets installations or bidet installations services.

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    The extra charges are very common when you go for plumbing services on weekends. But busy routines during the weekdays often force people to take care of plumbing installations and replacement work on weekends.

    With our contractor, plumber or technicians you do not have to worry about high week-end charges.

    We are open 24/7, allowing you to schedule services at convenient timeframes, evenings or weekends, it does not matter. Our charges remain reasonable and the quality of our services will always be excellent.

    Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.