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Step By Step Guide On How To Repair An Outside Leak

You will most likely become aware of a leaky pipe within the home quickly. It is difficult to overlook water leaking through the roof or walls, which indicates something is wrong. Finding a water leak in San Diego may be more challenging if it is located outside your house. Thankfully, there are a few things you can look out for that will allow you to know if this does turn into an issue.

Plumbing Lines And Systems Connected Outside The Home

Surface Drainage System

The system removes excess water from the land surface. It’s essential to remove the extra water from the ground surface, which is done with the help of constructed drains or natural channels.

The surface drainage system will increase land productivity where the soil moisture and water table conditions prevent water movement from the root zone. The surface system is classified into two systems one controlled and the other one regular. The regular one functions when excess irrigation or rainfall operates by gravity. The controlled one consists of the check gates placed in the flat basin in the flatlands.

The Subsurface Drainage System

The system lowers water tables and helps remove excess water by opening ditches. During the wet times, the water table will be lowered to keep the unsaturated root zone. The system will be categorized into two types that are interceptors and relief drains. The relief drains lower the vegetation’s water table and even improve surface water.

Slope Drainage System

This system is built to allow water to flow in a downward direction. It is done with quality pipes in a downward direction, and downward pipe movement allows for the free flow of water without any blockage.

Gutter & Downspout Drainage System

This system includes two parts: 1) Gutter channels run horizontally with the roof edge and 2) Downspout, which carries collected water to grade level.

A vertical pipe is attached and helps remove the water from gutters, ensuring that every drop is collected separately in the system. The downspout even redirects the water and leads it to a drainage area outside the building.

Signs Of A Water Leak in Outside Pipes

Your water bill is among the initial things to check for indications of leaks. Even if your bill might not always be precisely the same, the odds are that it tends to fall within a specific range. And you’ll probably be aware of it if you consume a lot of water in a month for any reason. However, if the water bill suddenly increases for no apparent reason, there is cause to believe that a faulty pipe is to blame.

Remember that mysterious puddles on your property may indicate that a pipe beneath your property is leaking. It is essential to contact a licensed plumber right away if you see something similar. It’s a difficult task, and you probably don’t have the specialized tools you need sitting around your house to fix pipeline leaks.

How To Find Outside Water Leakage?

Check The Outside Faucets

The outside faucets are mostly “frost proof,” but can break and freeze if the water hose is left attached in the winter. If you leave the hose attached, the water will not drain completely and cause problems.

You can perform a quick test of every faucet. Turn on the faucets for some time, and then turn them off. If you see water in various places, you have a busted pipe outside that will need replacement. Call a certified plumber offering plumbing leak repair in San Diego to do the job.

Check Water Boxes

The water boxes might save you when you are looking for outdoor leaks. Almost every house has a valve that allows the owners to shut the main line to the house, and one can easily find it in the water box.

Locate the shut-off valve, which will help you to cut the water supply. If you cannot find the valve box, then you can find the meter box near your street, which leads straight to your house.

You will have to dig a little to uncover it. Ensure not to damage anything on the neighbor’s property or the property boundary lines. You can even confirm with the municipality before digging. If you get the all-clear, you can locate the shut-off valve and remove that lid to take a good look. What did you see? Water? If so, then there is a leak. You will have to call an expert, licensed plumber offering repair and restoration services for a water leak in San Diego.

Look For Yard Leaks

Soggy and waterlogged areas in the wet sidewalk or yard can indicate an outdoor leak. If you notice puddles, you must determine if the leak comes from the irrigation system or the house’s primary water supply. Even though water follows the route of least resistance, wet patches far from your main water line typically indicate an irrigation system leak.

You can check the sprinkler line to check out the leak from the house line. First, you will have to open up the meter box. After that, you will find counter dials. Modern meters also have a red triangle that spins during water flow.

Find the irrigation box. If you turn it off; if the meter stops spinning, the leakage is in the sprinkler system. If the meter spins, then the leak is on the main line. Contact a company offering water leak repair in San Diego.

How To Repair An Outside Leak

Locate The Leak

If you are aware of the leakage area, then you must try to determine the precise location. Check the line from the home’s water meter to the point where water supply pipes enter the home. You can drive a stake close to the water meter and another one at the point where the water enters the home. Run the taut string from one stake to another. The damaged pipe area will lie in the soft area.

Determine The Leakage Pipe Ownership

Various cities have different rules for repairing underground exterior pipe problems. The house owner is responsible primarily for leakage problems in the piping in the yard. For other leaks, contact the municipality or local authority office.

Shut Off The Water

To repair the outside water pipe, you must shut off your home’s main valve and the water flow from the main supply through the delivery line. The damaged portion of the underground pipe needs to be isolated, and any potential water contamination inside the house is avoided.

After that, remove the cover on the recessed water box in your yard and locate the valve near the meter. If you are not sure about how to go about it, it is wiser to immediately call a licensed plumber offering water leak detection and repair in San Diego.

Dig The Trench

Spread out a tarp next to the alleged leak location. Your twine or thread will indicate the horizontal direction of an underground pipe, and the soil area will provide the vertical line with the highest water content. Drilling in the dirt should be done after removing the string. As you dig, spread the dirt and sod over the tarp.

Unlike the sewer lines, which can even run several feet at ground level, the water services are located below the freeze line. The depth will depend upon the soil composition and the region’s climate on the central city line.

Expose Your Damaged Pipe

Dig more thoroughly as you get closer to the water pipe to expose it fully. For best results, dig deeply below the pipe to create a large enough access area around it. You will need enough room to install and cut out a new pipe section. Change it from a shovel to a hand trowel in the last digging stages.

Repair Your Water Line

Depending upon the age of subsequent home modifications, the underground line might be PEX, galvanized steel, PVC, or copper. Cut the damaged section and then replace it with similar materials. The materials and tools required for the work vary according to the pipes.

There are various risks attached to Do-It-Yourself jobs. You need to know the codes about pipe alignment, pipe material and dimensions, and the correct procedure and tools to repair or replace pipes.

Call a professional plumber in San Diego offering water leak repair services to do the work in a flawless and durable manner and get the best results. Find out if the professional has a good deal of experience in outside pipe repairs, including sprinkler systems, grading, downspouts, and basement proofing.

Why Choose the Best Plumbing Services Company?

Choosing the best company offering water leak detection and repair services in San Diego will ensure correct solutions and long-term peace of mind.

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Wrapping Up

Pipe leakage or any other plumbing problems can become drastic if not repaired quickly. You will need a certified and trusted plumbing company that will offer the best services at the right time. Hiring EZ Plumbing USA will be the best choice if you are looking for a licensed expert plumber offering leak repair in San Diego.

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