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Warning Signs There is a Slab Leak Inside Your Home in Riverside

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What is a slab leak? Many houses in Riverside have a concrete base, and there are pipes underneath that take water in and out of your house. If it leaks between these pipes, there could be serious problems due to several factors. It may take a while before you notice your slab is leaking. Finding out too late could translate to extensive repairs and high water bills that might not be covered by an insurance carrier.

As the pipes are in or under your concrete base, the repair can be a headache. It’s hard to locate the leak since the pipes are underground. You will need to hire a Slab Leak Expert to determine where the leak is coming from.

You might know in general under which slab the pipes are leaking. For example, if you see water in your basement, you can be sure that the leak is coming from the pipe just below it. But it would take an expert to find the exact leak source on the pipes.

Prevent damage to floors, walls and slabs, and all the repair costs. Call a slab leak repair Riverside team right away when you suspect a leak.

Discovering A Slab leak

How do you know if a slab in your Riverside property is leaking? These hints can help you find the answer you’re looking for:

There Is An Increase In Your Water Bill

If there is a leak, your water will run 24/7, and if your water is running all day long, your water bill will likely increase. An unexpected increase in your water bill without any reason such as guests in your home may usually indicate a leak. If you can’t find a leak in your home, it could indicate a leak in the slab. Trust only the specialists in slab leak detection in Riverside, as they have the best equipment to quickly identify the leak source and extent of water damage.

Low Water Pressure

If you have a leak, namely a slab leak, less water will flow through the pipe where you need it leading to low water pressure. This is because water is leaking out of the pipe where it shouldn’t. Low water pressure causes various other inconveniences. If you suddenly notice a drop in water pressure when other tabs are not being used at the same time, it may mean that the slab is leaking.

Hot Spots On Your Floor

Most of the leaks, about 80%, occur in hot water pipes. As the hot water flows to the ground, at one point, it begins to heat the concrete above it. When the concrete heats up, your floor heats up. These places are usually less difficult to find in wood, ceramic tile, and linoleum. They can be harder to find on carpets. If you see strange hot spots on your floor, that could indicate that the hot water pipe under the slab is leaking.

The Floor Is Damaged Or Wet

In most cases, water can only come out of the leaking plates. As a result, the water eventually starts seeping into the concrete and your flooring, which would demand a lot of damage repair.

The specific damage will depend on the type of floor you have. If you have a rug, you will find that some parts of your rug immediately feel wet and look darker than others, and you cannot find anything spilling.

Damaged floors will need to be repaired or replaced, which can be very expensive. It is highly recommended to contact a slab leak detection team the moment you suspect a hidden water leak.

Unwanted Smell

If the water rises and goes straight to the bottom, various other problems will inevitably arise. Moisture from water can cause mold and mildew. Some of this moisture can be absorbed directly onto your wall causing mold and mildew to form on the drywall.

You may not be able to see mold and mildew or mold growth, but your nose will definitely recognize it. If you start to smell mold from the floors or walls in the absence of any obvious cause of dampness, it is time to inspect your home for slab leaks and mold growth.

You Hear The Sound Of Running Water

If you hear running water but do not see from where it is coming from, it may be time to listen better. Take the time to shut down all the taps or faucets in your home, including the boiler. Aim for the lowest level of your house and also pay attention to the floor. The sound of water running even when all the water flow sources are turned off could mean a leaking slab. This is the time to call for slab leak repair Riverside services.

Knowing Your Options When You Have a Slab Leak

If your water pressure drops suddenly, it could be an indication that the slab is leaking. Many leaks occur in mains – or anywhere water flows directly into your home. If there are also small leaks in your plumbing, the water pressure will drop significantly.

Damage from leaks can build up quickly. If your pipe is small, you could leak over 10,000 gallons of water in just a month!

See what your water meter is doing. Make sure all your faucets are turned off, the shower isn’t in use, and the cleaning machine or dishwasher isn’t running. Go outside and check your water meter. Keys must not move. If so, there is probably a leak somewhere.

Check your water leak detector. Some water meters have a leak detector that looks like a triangle or small black or white wheel. If it rotates or moves at all, it indicates there is a leak somewhere.

Check the readings on your water meter. Make sure there is no water in your house. Then go outside and also check your water meter number. Leave all the water taps off for at least half an hour, and then look at the numbers again. If the numbers do go up, you’ll find that there’s a leak somewhere. Also, the more the number of increases, the bigger your leak will be.

What To Do If There Is A Leak

The best way to deal with a slab leak in your Riverside property is to call for experts in slab leak detection in Riverside. Even if you are not sure if you have a leak, it’s a good idea to contact a team of experts and take preventive measures. The slab leak repair Riverside expert will be right at your home at the scheduled time, inspect if there is a slab leak, and if any is found, they give evidence-based reports.

A company offering services for slab leak detection in Riverside assures accurate leak detection with detailed inspection reporting. Choose EZ Plumbing USA with a certified, licensed slab leak repair Riverside team offering guaranteed jobs is always better. Such a team will not only identify leak sources, but they can also get the repairs done in the most suitable and efficient way. If the solution requires slab leak repiping or rerouting of slab pipes, it will be done within a minimum time.

A slab leak repair Riverside expert will discuss the least intrusive method of fixing the leak. An expert knows exactly how tough it is to damage the floor in your home and constantly work to make repairs with the least possible damage to the surrounding area. Every repair is backed by a performance guarantee. If you’re unhappy with any part of the work done, they will get it right – guaranteed!

If your Riverside home has concrete slabs, and the house is old, you can also get a slab leak expert to check for leak possibilities and slab pipe conditions.

Don’t delay leak detection if you think it is time for one!

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