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Slab Leak Repair Anaheim

Are you looking for slab leak repair Anaheim? Then EZ is the best place you can choose. Our plumbers understand the risks from slab leaks and recommend you solutions that take care of all aspects from pipe and fixture standards to health and safety.

A leak in the concrete slab can create serious damage to your property, if not repaired or detected on time. If you suspect a leak, it is best to get it checked on time to avoid shifts or cracks in the foundation. The EZ slab leak repair Anaheim experts are specialized in leak detection, repair, repiping and complete replacement of slab pipes.

We are a family-owned and operated company, dedicated to serve our customers 24/7. Our licensed and professional technicians are excellent at their work and deliver high-quality service. We use the latest tools to ensure accurate leak detection, to cut down on digging work and minimize time for repair and installation near you.

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We offer different Types of

Slab Leak Detection Anaheim

As prolonged slab leaks can lead to any number of serious issues, including foundation slab damage, damage to structural elements of property, mold spread, water pressure issues, etc., many property owners go for scheduled slab detection at regular intervals. EZ is among the most preferred slab leak detection specialists in Anaheim. Get in touch with our Anaheim team for quality services.

Our services include using high-end non-intrusive tools to detect slab leaks. If your pipes are ageing and cause frequent leaks or if you have outdated pipes, we also recommend a video slab leak inspection. This involved digging up just enough to get a video inspection tool snake through the pipeline.
We provide accurate reports based on our inspection, help you understand the issues and recommend different repair options.

Solutions for Slab Leak Issues due to Improper Construction

Improper alignment or layout of pipes is considered a common reason behind slab leaks. If water pipes get bent, kinked or dented during the installation, then the affected areas will cause the leakage of pipes or pipe burst issues due to abrasive water flowing.

EZ can help you discontinue such pipes and replace them with good quality pipes through our repiping services Anaheim. We will get you certified pipes from a price range to help you choose the one that fits your budget.

Solutions for Slab Leaks Owing to Outside Pressure

Rather than water pressure, other various pressures also create slab pipe leaks. If the soil frequently shifts under the foundation, it will be creating the pressure on the pipes. Earthquakes, underground streams and soil erosion are the main reason behind soil shifting. Slab leaks due to such reasons tend to be more damaging.

EZ Plumbing can help you reroute the pipes above ground. This will help you prevent frequent pipe repair jobs occuring due to seismic activities and misalignment.

Solutions from Pipe Leaks Due to Abrasion

Friction is created due to rubbing of pipe against concrete, gravel and even other materials. This leads to spring leaks. Abrasion is common to hot water pipes. because they get expanded on heating and creates leak due to friction generated while rubbing.

EZ can deliver slab pipe repiping using flexible PEX pipes which will help reduce the friction. We always use high quality material to avoid the problem of slab leaks.

Solutions for Slab Pipe Damage from Corrosion

Water with more acid and alkaline presence can corrode pipes. This increases the possibility of slab leaks in addition to causing potentially irreversible damage to water quality.

The technicians at EZ install a water softener system to resolve the issue of hard water and maintain the ph value of water avoiding unnecessary damage to pipes. We also deliver pipe coatings to damaged pipes and solve slab leak issues.


Slab Leak Repipe Experts Near Me


We offer a variety of solutions for slab leak issues, including repiping. EZ can be considered the best plumber in Anaheim for affordable slab leak repair Anaheim.

Our years of experience in slab repiping helps us provide you quality work and complete solutions. If you are looking to repipe, we can get the installations done at any time that best suits you, including evenings, weekends and holidays. We offer a free consultation and estimation and offer pipe products from certified U.S. pipe manufacturers reputed for the durability and quality of their pipe products. These helps you get affordable pricing options too.

Our services include:
  • Application of pipe coatings
  • Replacing old and outdated pipes for new ones
  • Rerouting of pipes above ground
  • Water damage restoration

Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.