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Slab Leak Repair Costa Mesa

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Foundation leaks can create a severe problem in the property if not found at the proper time. Water can damage the foundation, flooring, and even the walls of the house or office. There are many possible reasons for slab leaks, such as eroding or rusting of old pipes, low-quality pipe alignment or soil shifting.

Our team at EZ offers slab leak repair Costa Mesa. We will give the best solutions to fix leak problems. Our team of experts are licensed, insured, experienced and come with the latest leak detection equipment that can detect problems non-intrusively.

We are dedicated to providing effective and affordable services that ensure your satisfaction.

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Slab Leak Detection Costa Mesa

Leaks in the foundation slabs could sometimes go undetected for a long time leading to very expensive repairs later.

Call EZ for an inspection for slab leaks.

Breakage in Piping

Slab leaks often occur due to a breakage in the water supply or sewer line pipes located beneath the concrete foundation of your property. When the pipe breaks, the water seeps into the ground and can even weaken the foundation strength.

Go for scheduled slab leak repair Costa Mesa to avoid extended, costly repairs in the structure.

Shifting Soil

Expansive soils can heave on becoming saturated, and shifts or moves, which often result in buckling or cracking of underground pipes of the water supply or sewer lines.

We can quickly detect the exact location and cause of the leak, and provide the most apt and durable solutions.

Misaligned or Corroded pipes

If pipes had not been properly installed, over time the misaligned pipes become damaged.

We offer several repiping options from pipe coating to stopping underground slab pipes and installing new pipes over ground. Professionals from EZ will conduct inspections to detect the best and simple way to resolve the slab leak repair Costa Mesa.

Repiping with Trenchless Technology

In this method, there are ways to restore pipes in the place with S.O. S’s patented ePipe water line restoration and linear drain line restoration. This is considered the best option available to solve a pinhole leak or burst pipe under the slab with little or no damage.

Why choose EZ for

Slab Leak Repipe Experts Near Me

Slab leak repair Costa Mesa need to be durable, leaving you worry-free about foundation damages due to recurring leaks. EZ’s plumber Costa Mesa are the best men at job when it comes to slab repiping near you.

They are licensed and insured. They come on-time, within minutes when you call for emergency services. They always come fully equipped to inspect the leaks and offer you the best repiping options, including installation of pipes of the best quality from the best brands or good quality but affordable pipes, depending on your preferences and budget concerns.

Our slab leak repair Costa Mesa experts have access to the latest slab leak detection tools that detect leaks accurately and speedily. We not only help with slab repiping and also pipe re-routing, and ensure that the installation is done perfectly.

Call us without delay if you are facing a slab leak issue.

Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.