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What Should The Plumbing Inspection Checklist Include?

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When purchasing a property in the United States, many consumers disregard examinations of electrical appliances, plumbing systems, and more. When there is a breakdown, this mindset might cost them a lot of money. Hence, to avoid such situations, it is best to perform inspections before and after moving into new residences with the help of a top plumbing inspection technician in San Diego. And, for your convenience, there are tools available to help you complete those inspections.

This is exactly what a plumbing inspection checklist includes, and it facilitates a thorough inspection and makes the job of any licensed plumber easier. In this post, you’ll discover more about how and why you should use a plumbing inspection checklist.

Plumbing Inspection – A Complete Evaluation Of Home System

A plumbing inspection is a method of assessing the essential elements of your property’s plumbing system. Licensed plumbers carry it out to prevent pipe corrosion, clogs, leaks, and burst tubes, which can result in flooding and property damage.

Importance Of Performing A Plumbing Inspection

Conducting a routine plumbing inspection in San Diego ensures that your system is in good working order. You also don’t have to be concerned about anything going wrong with your plumbing system.

Any plumbing repair or replacement may be costly, so you want to save money and take precautions as much as possible to keep your property functioning properly. Allowing a licensed plumber to complete the task for you improves the accuracy of the evaluation.

Checklist You Should Follow While Performing Plumbing Inspection

A professional plumber uses a plumbing inspection checklist to evaluate and appraise the state of a property’s plumbing system. You can use it to keep track of any problems discovered throughout the inspection. The following items are included in this plumbing inspection checklist:

Basic Water Supply

The basic water supply should be the first item on your checklist. The main water supply is the nerve center of a home’s plumbing system. Check water supply system material for piping – Is it made of plastic, polybutylene, copper, galvanized steel, or something else entirely?

Main Water Shutoff Valve

Make a note of the location of the public water supply shut-off switch. It might be challenging to keep up with maintenance in hard-to-reach places. Check for defects, damages, and leaks. The valve is probably locked in place and needs to be replaced if you can’t turn it. All of these issues must be documented for such homeowners.

Water Pressure

Ascertain that the sewage system operates at the specified minimum pressure. Turn the building’s water and sewer from 75 low to high pressures to check the pipelines’ normal working pressure. Water pressure requirements vary by region, but 20 to 60 psi is generally appropriate.

Fixtures, Pipes, & Drains

Examine the plumbing, sewers, and piping systems on the property. Any clogs have the potential to disturb the complete drainage system; therefore, you should address them right away.

Material Of Pipelines

Know whether the pipes are constructed of iron, plastic, polybutylene, or zinc. The presence of combined substances can identify a problem. For example, polybutylene water supply systems with plastics couplings can be hazardous.

Water Flow

Ensure all fixtures, especially big appliances, are working properly.

Waterline Insulation

If you position the water heater outside the foundation wall, the water lines should be insulated to protect the pipes from the elements.

Waste Pump

The waste pump is also known as a hoisting station. Make sure it properly works when pipes are dumped into it.

Exterior Plumbing System

Sewage & Drainage Lines – Using a plumbing examination tool, evaluate the sewage system, sewer lines from the property to the outside connection, and drainage systems. Any damage or obstacles could suggest more serious problems down the road.

Ensure that you correctly seal the plumbing system by performing a watertight test.

Kitchen Plumbing System

There are various pipes gadgets in your kitchen. Due to the high usage, the assessment of kitchen plumbing should be done every year. Fix any pipes issues you find before they become extreme.

Drains & Sinks:

Sink channels are one more thing to confirm on the list of plumbing reviews. While the water depletes, investigate the P-traps and sifters in your sinks. P-traps ought to be fixed and cleaned because they will more often get clogged.

Cleaning your sink with a DIY drain cleaner to remove any clogs and keep water flowing.

Valves That Are Turned Off

The water keeps flowing to your refrigerator’s water pipes, sink faucets, and valves. You should include them in your plumbing examination because they can get loose and malfunction over time. Check if the water stops flowing entirely after turning off the valve. If it isn’t, it should be repaired or replaced.


Faucets are the most commonly utilized kitchen plumbing fittings. As you turn the faucet on and off, keep an eye on it. A leaky faucet might be difficult to detect and cause a significant increase in your water bill, but not with frequent residential plumbing inspections. If you uncover any, try to fix them yourself or hire a plumber if necessary.

Bathroom Plumbing System

Because the bathroom is a place that all the members use in the house, most of the plumbing fixtures and tools are susceptible to damage. Hence, these must be included in your plumbing check-up.


Toilets are made up of a lot of moving elements that can fail at any given point in time. Observe what you see when you used to flush the toilet by opening the tank. After the complete cycle of the sewer flush, a toilet should shut off, and a plumber easily repairs it.


Clogs are common in the shower and sink. The most typical culprits are hair falls and soap particles residue. When you complete your regular plumbing check, you can put the boiling water in a vessel or, on the other hand, utilize a channel sifter to keep soil and other debris out of your pipes.


Apart from the toilet bowl, the washroom is the place that is the most used fixtures in the bathroom. They’re also vulnerable to damage. Replace the washers or cartridges attached to the parts of the faucet if you notice dripping.

Turn on and off the faucets to inspect them. Always observe the water pressure and the spray pattern. Mineral build-up could be the cause if they’re irregular on the aerator. The aerator can be removed, cleaned, and then reattached.

The water lines behind the dividers should likewise be checked in your home’s pipes. If there is water harm in the room’s washroom, your line is spilling, so get it fixed right away. This plumbing checklist for homeowners applies to people who are shifting into a new home, and it’s simple to see what you should check to avoid future issues.

Ideal Strategies For Using The Checklist

A plumbing inspection checklist, especially a residential plumbing inspection, includes safety procedures that ensure that regulatory standards are met while also fulfilling client expectations. The licensed plumber will perform industry-standard checks on all visible elements during the assessment.

Any plumbing repair or replacement can be costly, so you’ll want to save money and take precautions as much as possible to keep your property in good working order. A plumbing inspection checklist comprises safety practices that assure regulatory compliance while meeting client expectations. However, allowing a licensed plumber to inspect the plumbing system increases the accuracy of the assessment.

Amazing Benefits Of Using The Plumbing Checklist

A plumbing examination on the property can help you understand the property’s overall condition so you can make an educated decision. In this regard, a plumbing inspection checklist ensures quality discipline and simplifies the work for professional plumbers. It also provides you with the benefit of obtaining an unbiased and accurate conclusion.

urthermore, it will relieve the burden of safety inspectors to keep track of paperwork. It is simple to use, and you may save the information for future use.


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