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Why Is A Plumbing Inspection So Important When Buying A New Home?

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Buying your new dream home is always a good investment; there are a number of things that you have to think about when purchasing a home. Undoubtedly, this whole process is massive, complex, and confusing and on top of that, what to do next is less perplexing than why to do that work. Out of many, one such thing is plumbing inspection, which most people don’t think about.

Plumbing inspection these days is one of the primary and mandatory aspects of the home that every buyer should go for before signing a deal. The reason is that repairing the plumbing system is not cheap, and if you, by chance, are stuck with poor plumbing or broken pipes in your new home, it will be quite a frustrating experience.

Now the question is, what are the things you must check during the plumbing inspection or reasons why plumbing inspection is so important?

Checklist Of Plumbing Inspection When Buying A New Home

1. Leakage In Pipes

This can be the first plumbing concern which can also host various other plumbing issues in the home. For example, due to pipe leaks, mold and mildew can grow, can cause water damage, and not the least, pipe corrosion can also occur during the replacement of pipes.

Another thing related to pipes you must check mainly in older homes is lead pipes as they are harmful to children. So, opt for a professional plumbing inspection in San Diego before signing a deal for your home.

2. Inspect The Water Meter And Valves

Another important area which you must check before buying a home is the water meter and valves. For that, you have to turn off the water to each fixture in the home. After that, check the water meter; if it is still running, there is a leakage somewhere in the house.

In addition to that, also check the valves; if you have turned off the water to the home, the faucets will not have water. However, if you have noticed all the shut-off valves and their faucets are functioning correctly, it is a good sign. It shows that plumbing system in working condition, and you can buy that house.

3. Water Heaters

It is true that, if the water heater is old or in bad condition then it needs replacement which is an expensive affair. So, while you are going for a plumbing inspection through professionals in San Diego, ensure that the water heater is in good condition and is running correctly to meet the water needs of your family. For more satisfaction, you can call the professional to check the water heater for evidence of leaks and also water damage.

Some of the things which you must add to the water heater checklist are: –

  • Does the water heater have a pan underneath, and is that pan connected to the drain line?
  • Does the water heater have any rust or corrosion in its connections?
  • Does that water heater have a flood step unit or any similar device installed to shut off the water automatically?

4. Frozen Pipes

Before you purchase your dream home, you must determine if any of the house pipes are frozen or not. This step will help you identify which areas of the home need insulation and an effective heating system before you move into that home.

5. Inspect The Faucets, Toilets, And Sinks

The faucets and sinks of the home are essential to inspect as any leakage in these will lead to water damage. So, ensure that there should be no leaks or drips, and on top of that, they must be fully functional.

That means checking the water flow by turning the faucets to the maximum flow. Also, check whether the water goes down quickly or it takes time to drain. Moreover, check the toilets to see whether the water gets drained or not, when you flush it. If you are noticing slow-draining sinks and toilets, then surely there must be clogs.

6. Sewer Problems

Sewer issues are another critical area, just like a septic tank that needs serious concern. The reason is that sewer problems will cost you money, so hire an expert plumber to inspect the sewer lines and ensure they are working correctly.

Calling a professional for sewer inspection service for plumbing to inspect your home will be the wise decision as it won’t waste your money and time on solving the issue after you move in.

7. Water Quality

When you are planning to move into your new home, water is also an essential aspect that needs serious consideration. That means the water coming to the house must be clean and safe to use and drink. While inspecting a home, if you find the water discolored, find the root cause of the problem. However, the reasons may vary from insignificant to major.

For example, due to old pipes, the discolored water is a long-term issue that needs replacement of pipes. But to know the actual cause of dirty water, you have to call an experienced plumber.

8. Water-Related Appliances

There are various electrical appliances in the home that uses water to work, like a washing machine, refrigerator, and dishwasher. So, when you are planning to buy a new home, ensure to check all these appliances to find leakage, if any. Moreover, if the homeowner is not offering these appliances, check for hook-ups and drains.

9. Go For A Sewer Camera Inspection.

Sewer pipes are another essential thing that you must check before buying a home. However, if you have selected a home in a mature neighborhood with large trees, sewer inspection service for plumbing is essential. The reason is tree roots can easily breach sewer pipes and can access the water inside.

With the help of a sewer camera, the professional plumbers will check the sewer pipes to see whether the invasion is due to tree roots or not. If you don’t go for this inspection, the tree roots in the sewer lines can easily seep into the yard during rainstorms.

However, if they find the tree roots in the sewer pipes by chance, you can ask for the estimate of the hydro jet, which will clean the line and control the root growth. In addition to that, if you have chosen a new home, then it must have different sewer line issues as these homes are often backfilled. So, take the decision wisely, and going for a sewer camera inspection can help you save your money in the long run.

10. Corroded Pipes

Corrosion can only happen to metal pipes both inside and outside of your home, leading to leaks and various other serious issues. So, before you decide to move in, ensure to go for a plumbing inspection as it will help you identify any of the corrosion piping and go for necessary repairs if found.

How Often Should You Inspect The Pipes?

Homeowners must inspect their plumbing more frequently as an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Suppose you can prevent any plumbing issue with regular inspection. In that case, it will be a worthy investment, as even a tiny leak can erupt significant problems that can be a costly affair. So, avoid headaches of plumbing issues while going for a timely plumbing inspection.

The Bottom Line

If you are planning to buy a new home and want to ensure that the plumbing is in good condition, then contact EZ Plumbing USA for a professional plumbing inspection in San Diego. The reason to contact us is that we offer exceptional plumbing services for any problem. So, why wait? Contact us immediately to avail reliable, affordable, and guaranteed plumbing solutions at your convenience.

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