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EZ Plumbing Services company is known for its low-cost yet quality plumbing services in Poway, California. We provide both commercial and residential plumbing services with excellence and care. Our service teams consist of excellent Poway plumber chosen for their expertise and experience.

We make sure that every customer receives dedicated services and we never deem our job to be completed until we have properly addressed your concerns. When you make a service request, we will send a knowledgeable and experienced plumber to your location.

We indicate our estimates upfront and do not waste your time in lengthy negotiations and discussions. Our focus remains on offering solutions on time and with 100% accuracy.

If you are facing any emergency, the best course of action for you is to call us immediately. Our Poway plumber offer phone assistance to help you take care of any immediate actions, and arrive at your site within an hour or even less time. Call EZ Poway plumbers for any plumbing need, We are open 24/7.

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Plumbing Repair Services

We service all types of pipes and fixtures. No matter what is the problem our experienced Poway plumber is fully capable of fixing everything. From slab pipes to sewer or drain pipes, water supply pipes and other fixtures, we definitely can bring back your plumbing system and appliances back to original shape.

Plumbing Installation and Replacement Services

We install sinks, faucets, water heaters, water filtration units, water tanks, garbage disposal units, gas pipes, drain and sewer pipes, water pressure regulators, bathroom and toilet plumbing systems, exterior plumbing systems for pools, gardens etc.

Plumbing Inspection and Maintenance Service

Our service includes full house or whole property plumbing inspection and maintenance. We also provide services of leak detection and camera pipe inspection services near you.

Cleaning the Sewer System Back Up

We shall readily come once you call us and service your plumbing system to clear it of any clogging or block. In cases of sewer backups we shall clean your plumbing system of every impediment so that no raw sewage can build up and cause more havoc.

24 Hour Plumbing Service Near Me

Our Poway plumber never delay to arrive when you call us. We provide leak repairs with utmost care. Be it the case of leaky faucet, leaky toilet, leaking water heater or washing machine, etc, we can readily fix them without any difficulties.

Our experienced plumber Poway is well trained and experienced to handle such cases swiftly yet with high expertise.

We also give quality water damage restoration. In cases of emergency water damage our Poway plumbing team will be quick in their response.

From repairs to the drying process, remediating the frozen pipes or sewer system backups, we give all types of water damage restoration services, including structural repairs.

We are well known for our mold remediation services near you. We use state of art technology to disinfect the vulnerable surfaces and use removal agents to wash off any leftover of mold.

Our promise is that we will make your house clean and free from mold, so that you can live with security without any health risks. Once we finish our duty, we leave no traces of mold which can provoke vulnerabilities.

There is one thing to say about our leak detection; we are able not only to detect the current leaks but also the possible leaks in the future. Our detections are accurate and we use all the latest technologies for this work. We also use a camera inspection test to check for possible vulnerabilities in the pipes. To know more about our services call us today.

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Poway Plumbers

Our workers are trained with firsthand knowledge and are licensed. They were explicitly chosen for their expertise and hard-working capabilities. We follow a high set of ethics. Our Poway plumber is known for their discretion and politeness.

We always focus on meeting all your demands and we never deem our work to be finished until you are satisfied with our job. We understand your needs and therefore we always stay alert for your emergency calls.

The only thing you have to do is give us a call and we will be right at your door in the earliest moment. Our emergency services are open 24/7 and we work even on public holidays.

Once you use our service you will be able to notice the difference. We provide the most care-attentive yet affordable services near you.

Clients have been always preferring us over other plumbing service providers, as our services are dedicated towards fulfilling your needs and meeting your satisfaction.

You can email us or send an online inquiry or give us a call anytime you need to know about our plumbing services – installation, repairs, replacements or maintenance.

Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.